The name of Christmas got its name from a service mass also termed as Communion or Eucharist or the Mass of Christ. In this gathering or mass, Jesus is remembered by the Christians for dying to save them. This Mass service is generally seen to take place after sunset and is seen to get over after sunrise the next day. This is the reason; Christmas is generally celebrated by people all over the globe at midnight with huge excitement and enthusiasm. At present, the celebration of Christmas has become equally popular among the non-Christians. This is the time when all family members as well as friends unite and share all good things that they have. Christmas is the best celebration of the year for kids as they expect to get gifts.

Story of Christmas

According to Christianity, Jesus Christ was not born on the 25th December. This date was chosen to celebrate Christmas as it is seen to coincide with the Roman celebration of Saturnus, the god of harvest and Mithras, the God of light. These occasions are generally celebrated immediately after the winter solstice. People of the northern hemisphere celebrated these occasions to announce that winter is not forever and life will never stop. So, people should keep their spirit alive and stay healthy.

Important events on Christmas

The most important figure in Christianity is Jesus Christ and he is considered to be the founder of Christianity. As a result, Christmas is celebrated by them with much vigor and the day is very significant in their lives. Moreover, the birth of Jesus was considered to be an event of utmost importance in the history of the world. Christians are of the opinion that Christ took birth in order to save mankind from misery and darkness.

 Gift giving tradition

 As such important happenings are associated with the day of Christmas and every year 25th December is observed with great merriment and zeal. Throughout the year, people wait for this auspicious day and starts preparing for the same a fortnight before. On this day, Christians decorate the houses, streets, offices and the church. The most common activity practiced on Christmas Day is exchange of gifts. Like every year, this year too, the shops will be featuring cool Christmas gifts 2016.

The tradition of gift offering has traveled a long distance and has got through a sea of change. Unlike earlier days, Christmas gifts are now not only for kids, but for everyone of the family. Keeping these changing traditions in mind, various shops, both online and local sell innovative Christmas presents. So, now that you have some great options to buy gifts indulge in the same and celebrate with your family and friends.




















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