apple-iphone-6-conceptTo start with, what is hosted telephony? Hosted telephony is the way of transferring information and a way of communication between different employees connected by a common network. Here as a user one should be clear with the terms such as analog digital telephony, VoIP telephony and PBX system. All the mentioned terms form the very basic components of a hosted telephony network.

Analog digital telephony

Analog digital telephony uses signaling commands in binary version and was the primitive type of communication, wherein data was transferred first to the operator and then converted to analog signals. From here it is then transferred to the desired destination. Now this method has been modernized with the VoIP networking wherein the network used is internet and energy is derived from Ethernet, also it comes with a small analog adaptor.

VoIP telephony

VoIP telephony refers to IP phone calls being transferred over an IP network. Here, the most widely used and feasible Ip network is internet. All the transferring of phone calls takes place through the internet in this system which provides the user with the high quality of audio and input experience. Nowadays, this has proved to be the most popularly used communication methods. It comes in a setup like that of a telephone or a cordless phone.

PBX system

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange system which is a connected communication system of the various VoIP telephone systems in an official setup. This is called as IP-PBX in a combination to signify that its main operation takes place on internet.

The PBX system makes the telephony to be quite cost effective for the business and thus proves to be a boon for the setup. PBX system connects each telephone through various stations and provides them with individual telephone extension number which is then mapped automatically to a numbering plan which is then identified over a number block.

Reasons why hosted telephony is a better option

  • Due to their analog lines these systems are apt for small business usage
  • They establish connections between the sets of two users and some unused connections can be disconnected as per the user’s requirement
  • They are quite flexible and scalable. You can increase the number of subscription anytime with utmost ease. Plus, you have to pay only for the number of subscriptions you use in your office.
  • These are also cheaper and thus prove to be cost effective
  • They offer mobility, you can even have a number of different area location. You don’t have to stick to area-based numbers.
  • These are also very easy to maintain and offer support services with the subscription.
  • Servers used in hosted telephony systems are of high quality and use less energy in comparison to other servers, thus telephony systems help in producing low carbon footprint.
  • They provide easy and simple functioning for a hassle free experience.
  • As the system is always hosted in duplicate environment all your data is backed up in a safe place, which you can retrieve anytime.

The Telephone System Dubai provides the hosted telephony and PBX system services to their customers. They provide a business friendly environment and encourage a cost efficient setup in an official company.


Robert Gombos

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