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That flicker in the sky tells of the gathering storm. Yonder, I take it are the Martians, and Londonward, where those hills rise about Richmond and Kingston and the trees give cover, earthworks are being thrown up and guns are being placed

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Opening Sequence

The How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Trailer starts off where the first film had ended. The Viking inhabited island of Berk has welcome dragons into the fold and life seems to be going on smoothly. Hiccup and Toothless both seem to have grown closer to each other as can be seen by their playful banter in the opening sequences of the trailer.

The Discovery

The Vikings are shown to be at home with their new companions, the once feared dragons. Like Hiccup his buddies have also learnt to ride dragons and seem to be at ease while doing so. During what seems to be one of their routine flying escapades Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless stumble upon a desolate wasteland which seems to be covered by large ice structures. Astrid wonders what being could have done this to the land.

This statement is followed by a shot of character who is also riding a dragon, pointing at them menacingly. As the How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Trailer progresses we learn that the new character is in fact Hiccup’s mother and had been protecting and saving dragons from harm. Before revealing herself she asks Hiccup almost mockingly “I bet you think you know a lot about dragons. Let me show you some things you don’t”. She proceeds to use hand and arm movements to make Toothless seem like a helpless puppy.

She then tells Hiccup that she is his mother. The trailer then shows a shot with thousands of dragons, all which have been rescued and harbored by her. She proceeds to warn Hiccup that something dangerous is coming for them, and it is nothing like anything he or his companions have ever faced. A multitude of ships lead by a new villainous character with dreadlocks is shown. He seems to be hell bent on capturing the dragons and making them his own.

Hiccup as fate would have it must lead the charge against him with the help of Toothless and his friends. Astrid advices Hiccup that his real strength comes from. The How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Trailer has set the tone for yet another great outing for Hiccup and his friends. Toothless also seems to be in the limelight much more than his first outing.

Alternate Trailers

There is a second trailer available which touches upon some aspects missed upon in the initial trailer. We get to see Hiccup learning stuff about dragons from his knowledgeable mother. She shows him how to unlock blades on Toothless’ back. Even Toothless seems pleasantly surprised by this new discovery. Hiccup also gets a chance to see an enormous ice dragon that according to his mother “Seems to Like Him”. There is also a scene showing the family reunited, with his father meeting his mother for the first time since he “Lost her”.

The mad villainous character is hell bent on claiming the dragons belong to everybody else and Hiccup and his buddies along with his parents are shown fighting to keep what is theirs. A comical sequence towards the end shows a sheep being fired at an Alpha dragon to distract it. The sheep uselessly bounces of the face of the dragon and does nothing more than to irritate it further more. The Alpha dragon shown in the How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Trailer seems to be the evil counterpart of the ice dragon shown earlier.

What to Expect

The two trailers promise loads of fun and of course more dragons than what we had the first time around. Hiccup and Toothless seems to have built an unseen connection and seem at home flying together. Hiccup is even shown to have developed some kind of wings for himself and is shown gliding with Toothless side by side. Jumping of things midair seems to have become second nature to the fellow and viewers can fondly remember how hesitant and afraid he was during his first flight with Hiccup in the first movie. There is not much in the line of a romantic angle for Hiccup as shown in the trailer. But just about enough hints have been dropped to make us think that maybe Astrid and Hiccup are a thing.

The trailer is perfectly constructed and leaves us wanting more. The movie should hopefully be even better.


Robert Gombos

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