Aquatic plants are plants that are found in aquatic environments which may be salt water or fresh water. They are also called hydrophytes or macrophytes. For proper growth and development, these plants require continuously living either submerged in water, or at the water’s surface for they can only survive in water or in soil that is perpetually flooded with water.

The distribution of aquatic plants is majorly controlled by one major factor; the spread of water at different depths and the period of the overflow. Nutrients on which the plants feed on, are other factors that may also control their spread and longevity.

Aquatic plants are commonly split into four groups for the purpose of management. They are; the Algae, Floating Plants, Submerged Plants, and Emergent Plants. These aquatic plants are used as aquarium plants adding to the beauty of the aquariums to enhance their looks and also for the well-being of the fish therein.

Aquarium plants give natural ecosystem for your fish in no small way.  If you have an aquarium with fish at home, it is important to grow in your aquarium aquatic plants because fish could benefit from it tremendously. The fishes in the aquarium get a fresh supply of oxygen from the plants and some also provide food for your fish. Again, Plants purifies the water in the tank by taking in waste to produce the nutrients they required.  Plants also provide a natural carpet for the fish tank floor, a natural hiding place for fish, and also generate a feeling of well-being in them. That is why they respond better to surroundings that resemble their natural habitat

When making the choice of your aquatic plants for your tank, ensure that they are naturally irrepressible, hardy and require low maintenance. Aquatic plants make your fish tank look vibrant and lively because they emit oxygen (O2) and absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) that your fish generate.

Apart from providing a natural food source, the plants contribute largely for the health of the aquarium’s inhabitants. Adding live plants in your aquarium makes it more attractive and look incredibly gorgeous which is not possible with silk or plastic plants. But a lot of effort is required to be put into it in order to keep the living plants thriving. To have live aquatic plants is not enough when talking about making your aquarium look great, you’ve got to have them planted in a proper arrangement that will give an aesthetic value to the aquarium. Examples of live plants that can be used in your tanks are; Water wisteria, Java Moss, Amazon sword, Java Fern.

If you want your aquarium to be attractive, each plant must be orderly arranged in a proper manner to resemble as if you have just stepped into a majestic underwater garden. The ultimate goal is to make it look natural as much as possible because most fish look and feel more comfortable in a well-planted and organized tank.

In enhancing the beauty of your aquarium, using natural decorations such as driftwood and coconut halves can be an option because such pieces of decorations are not likely to harm your fish.



Robert Gombos

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