I was shopping for a large under-counter ice maker and ran across this great site. I guess google knew I’m in Los Angeles and wanted to tell me there was an appliance repair service in my area that can repair Sub-Zero ice makers.

Good to know and I hope I don’t need to call them any time soon, but I wound up reading more about Sub-Zero products on this site,, than I did on any of the online shopping sites I visited! It turns out they are one of the best appliance repair company in the market.

I was only vaguely aware of Sub-Zero as a brand. I did run across their ice makers while I was shopping, but I had no idea there were so many refrigeration appliances that they make until I browsed around this very informative site. What’s more, they also repair appliances by a manufacturer called Wolf, one that I’d never heard of.


It looks like they make stoves and microwaves as well as fridges, but they look pretty fancy and might be out of my league. But now that I know about them from this site, I’m thinking more about upgrading to some better kitchen appliances when I can handle it. I love to cook and especially to entertain dinner guests, and that’s why I was looking for a heavy-duty ice maker.

Really glad I found this site, and good to know there’s a repair service who are specialists on a couple of really good appliance brands. If their repairs are as good as their website, I have nothing to worry about!


Robert Gombos

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