Apple has been a leading smartphone manufacturer for a long time and will be looking to launch new high end product this year. With the iPhone 5C and 5S already out, Apple looks set to finally release the much speculated iPhone 6. There have been various rumors for over a year on what the phone will look like, the enhanced features, design and functionality among many other aspects. It now looks more certain that the iPhone 6 will be out sooner rather than later.

IPhone 5 stormed the mobile market with incredible features that outdid all close rivals. This however only heaped more pressure on the succeeding product. The consumer research (4109 US) has branded iPhone 6 as the most anticipated phone in the world. Although it is called IPhone 6, this will be the 8th edition iPhone.

IPhone 6 Release date

Although there is no official communication of an exact release date for the phone, it is not difficult to predict an accurately close or exact date. The phone was expected to be launched back in 2013 but has since been delayed.

This is because Apple is accustomed to producing a middle model in between the iPhone products before the next generation. Consumers therefore had to wait until 2014. The recent speculation of iPhone 6 release date is 9th September which seems logical considering Apple have launched most of their products in September.

According to, Apple has restricted holidays during September for its German stores employees which suggest a major hardware launch. Other unnamed sources have rumored the release date of 14th October which is also a Tuesday but many people believe the launch will be sooner than that. With other manufacturers producing various products in cycles less than a year, Apple may be forced to abandon their traditional annual releases in order to capture market sales.

IPhone 6 Rumors

People are used to digging into information and find out details before official release. It is therefore a common trend for consumers and distributors to speculate rumors about what features a product will have. IPhone 6 has been anticipated for the last one year and there are numerous rumors. Apparently, it is expected to come with a bigger screen and better camera. With Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 already out and selling, it is only wise for Apple to bring in new features for their phones.

They are however still struggling to find a good battery for their big screen. Another rumor is that Apple will be launching two phones with different screens. A 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone-6 screen will be available. Rumors suggest that there will be bigger capacity batteries despite the slim size of iPhone 6 smartphones. The 4.7 screen phone will have a 2100mAh cell while its counterpart will feature 2500mAh capacity. The power button is also more likely to be changed from top to the right where one can easily access it using their thumbs.

IPhone 6 News

Apple has been relatively silent about iPhone 6 and will prefer to send all phones into production before launching or providing any news. There was a reported leak of the models design and Apple released a stern warning against selling of any iPhone 6 cases before launch. Anyone who violates the warning will never have their products listed on Apple stores again. Momentarily, Apple is in deep employment of workers to send the 4.7 model into production while they finish some touches to stabilize the 5.5 inch version.

They will also be choosing a different name, iPhone Air, for the 5.5 inch model to differentiate it with others. This would suggest a lighter weight as it is rumored to be only 6.7 millimeter in thickness. There are also reports that suggest Apple will be having two other releases to follow up on iPhone 6 later in October.

IPhone 6 Specs

There is little ground news about the hardware and software specs of this smartphone. The outstanding specs expected to characterize iPhone 6 is a newly released iOS 8, more powerful batteries and bigger screens. The iOS 8 was announced at the WWDC where its first appearance was claimed to be in autumn. This coincides with the anticipated release date for iPhone 6. Initial rumors were that iPhone 6 will feature quad-core chip for its power. Recent developments however suggest the normal dual-core faster than 2GHz. It will be developed with a 20nm instead of the 28nm in iPhone 5 which makes it more efficient. It is also possible we will see the best iPhone camera ever produced with expectation f a 13 MP sensor.

IPhone 6 version (5.5 inch screen version) might also reach a capacity of 128 GB to be the first iPhone with such enormous capacity. The 4.7 version will however have 32 GB and 64 GB options. The hardware component is expected to feature super-hard sapphire glass for display. The GT Advanced Technologies product is already present in the touch ID buttons of iPhone 5S. A bigger screen is apparent and unnamed sources claim there have been tests to improve the pixel density of the iPhone 6 to 416ppi (for the 4.7 inch screen). This is a major boost considering the predecessors had about 326ppi. The resolution is purported to be 2560×1600 which is also the one present in LG G3.

IPhone 6 price

Apple phones have always been on the high end on money value and the iPhone 6 will not be any different. Considering it will be coming with a bigger sized screen, thinner design and enhanced features, the price will be slightly higher than that of preceding versions. It is expected to sell from £550 onwards for the 4.7 inch version.


There currently exists no other device that receives the level of speculation matching that of iPhones. Research in China, Europe and US have all labeled iPhone 6 the most anticipated smartphone of 2014. The expectations include a new processor, improved battery power, larger-thinner design and enhanced features. Although iPhone 6 will bring in new features and steal the market for a while, other products such as Samsung Galaxy S6 are expected in early 2015. We are therefore set for stern competition in the next few months. There are high expectations from the Samsung enthusiasts as they look forward to see the iPhone 6 being launched.



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