Recent news about a US judge ordering Apple to assist FBI unlock one of the San Bernardine attack perpetrator’s iPhone to grant access to his data are certainly alarming. The information was released by Reuters on Wednesday. We are again witnessing a protracted lawsuit between the technological giant and law enforcement authorities in criminal proceedings arguing about the encryption boundaries.

According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the FBI requests a backdoor to be created for the iPhone. Apple however objects that if such a tool is developed in may be repeatedly used over and over again. It could possibly mean having the ability to unlock any iPhone device if indeed landed in the wrong hands.

The real question is, will personal data in the electronic form be secured? The report surely raised doubts. Regardless of Apple’s response, the actual solution to the issue is using highly-encrypted communication applications.

One of  such applications is ASYRIC, developed by Salutis Systems. ASYRIC utilizes SES technology, combining implementation of ciphers with a public (ECC) key and a private (AES) key. „Salutis Systems is unable to create a backdoor nor provide any user-related information to the authorities simply because even the developer cannot access the data. All transmitted data between the sender and the recipient are ultimately secure“, Martin Kocak, Salutis systems CEO claims.  „Data security doubts, as described in the aforementioned case are completely ruled-out with ASYRIC app.“ Kocak continues.

Following Edward Snowden’s revelation of classified NSA documents, it is clear we all need to react to the ever-growing communication privacy violation. „Because privacy is everyones’ fundamental right, think about whether investing barely 5 EUR is worth protecting it!“,  Kocak concludes.

In other words, Asyric is a reliable solution guaranteeing unrivalled security for your mobile communication, explicitly encrypting your messages and calls. How does it work? The core advantage is the latest encryption system based on ECC algorithm. „We have implemented a unique combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption safeguarding communication security like no other application does,“ Martin Kocak, project leader explains.

End-to-end encryption directly between communicating parties is the most credible method. Even Edward Snowden who uncovered the NSA eavesdropping relied on a similar application. In his case however, it was an older encryption method compared to Asyric‘s implementation.

Even German Counsellor, Angela Merkel, who was secretly eavesdropped, was unable to avoid private communication leaks. Asyric eliminates such scenarios. Own encryption system implemented in an intuitive mobile app is available for the general public on iOS and Android devices. (it can be downloaded via Apple App store and Google Playstore).

„Asyric is the appropriate pick compared with alternative solutions. The application security is guaranteed. Besides the 100% information security the app also grants complete anonymity with no backdoor access to any third party. We will shortly announce a challenge with a 10-thousand dollar reward for anyone who breaks our encryption system,“ Kocak declares.

Asyric originates with a Slovak-based Salutis systems, a dedicated team focusing on technological innovations with long-term security accentuation. Salutis system is comprised of experienced developers and cryptographers with no governmental associations, naturally.

„We are well-aware of the monitoring traps hence communication security is at the forefront of our achievements. Those may indeed cause fatal consequences not only to businessmen but also ordinary citizens arguing they have nothing to hide. Threats of such nature are unaccepable with Asyric,“ concludes Kocak.

Download Asyric on App store here.

Download Asyric on Google Playstore here.


Robert Gombos

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