Do you want to add some spicy things in your daily fashion lifestyle? You try different things to look cool. There is a new twist in fashion which may interest you. This product known as Jewel Straps is basically a replacement for bra straps, but this replacement is made of jewelry.

Jewel straps add beauty and a little extra to your fashion style. These replacements for your bra add more charm to your top style. By adding these beautiful jewelry straps, you will make your outfits look more beautiful and it will make you stand out from the whole crowd.

How to wear Jewel Straps:

  1. First of all, remove the straps of your existing bra.
  2. Now as your bra is strapless, so hook the two ends of the Jewel Straps into your bra’s convertible area.
  3. Now as you have successfully attached the Jewel Straps to your bra, use the adjustable clasp and the chain to adjust the size of the strap. This clasp can be used to tighten the bra to adjust its size to the required size.


The two types of the Multi-strand Jewel Straps are:

  • Multi-strand Single color:

This Multi-strand strap type has the two straps having two or more rhinestones rows on them. These beautiful straps will look good on jeans and also on all other dresses.

  • Multi-strand Multi-Color:

These Multi-strand Jewel Straps are a little different from the Multi-strand single color. These straps have the same two or more rows as the Multi-strand single colored straps but with the exception of the addition of the different colors. This allows their customization to suit with the different colored dresses and to meet the needs of the consumers.

Jewel Straps are now available at the Amazon for different costs. Buy now and look elegant and look unique and beautiful from everyone else.


Robert Gombos

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