If you have purchased an iPod recently, you would love to show it off to your friends and relatives by playing some of the popular videos of your choice. However you must remember that your hand held device supports only a limited choice of video format such as FLV, AVI, WMV, MP4 and few others. If you have many popular videos in different formats then you need conversion software to convert the format and make it iPod friendly. If you are on the look out for one such video convert program then you will love the video converter from Movavi. You need not have a full knowledge about the video formats or settings as you are only require to run the program, select the video, choose from the readymade presets and then hit the Convert button.


Step by step instruction to convert video for iPod

These are the instruction that you need to follow while converting one or more videos to play it on your iPods.

1st step: Download and install Movavi software

Click opens the website of Movavi to download its video converter. As soon as the download process gets complete, you can run the .exe file to view the instructions in the installation wizard. The Movavi iPod converter is all set to be used.

2nd step: Add the video to make it ready for conversion

Run the iPod converter program and then hit the add video button to add any video that you wish to convert in the format supported by your iPod.

3rd step: Select from readymade preset

You will find the convert to option in the lower end of the window (video converter). Find devices option and then choose Apple from the category later you can choose the preset based on the model of your iPod and other required settings will automatically be selected by the converter.

4th step: Begin video conversion process

Click on the browse button found near destination field in order to specify were the software must save your converter video files. If you want to transfer the video files which are converted to iTunes then click the check box of Add to iTunes that you find beneath destination field. Lastly click the convert option to initiate the conversion process of your videos.

5th step: Transferring converted videos to the iPod

Ones the video conversion process gets over, you can close or minimize the window. Then connect iPod with your PC for syncing it with iTunes. You can play the converted video files on your iPods by clicking the main menu to select video option and then choose movies option. You will now know how professionally you can convert the videos for your iPods.

If you have an iPod touch, an iPod classic or any other such device you just have to run the converter window and follow the above said steps. For exporting movies from the software to your iPod device you need to have iTunes 6.0 or other high version installed on your PC.


Robert Gombos

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