Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985. He is a Portuguese football player who currently plays for Real Madrid Football Club as a winger , of the First Division Spain.

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as among the top players in the world. Having passed on other great players such as Amancio Amaro, Emilio Butragueño and Ferenc Puskás Sánchez, he is also the fourth highest goal scorer in Real Madrid’s history. In this article, we are going to have an in-depth look at everything about Cristiano Ronaldo. When Cristiano Ronaldo was fifteen, he was diagnosed with a heart problem that could have forced to retire from playing football, which was analyzed through laser and discharged from the hospital the same day.

Career Path

Lower categories

Ronaldo began to stand out from his fellow Andorinha, where his father worked and his first club, and the age of ten and large teams such as Madeira, CS Marítimo and CD Nacional were already interested in hiring him. He finally joined the ranks of Clube Desportivo Nacional, where he continued his progression to become one of the brightest promises of Portuguese football. In 2001 he undertook a three-day trial to play for Sporting Clube de Portugal, and finally left the National CD to become part of the Lisbon club, having to move to the Portuguese capital. At that time the National CD had a debt of 450 thousand shields that would be sold off thanks to career progression and harvested by Ronaldo in his move to Lisbon.

Sporting in Clube de Portugal

Once the transfer is complete, he began his new journey in the discipline of Lisbon club. There he was assigned, along with the rest of his teammates, psychologists, tutors custom that guided him in his studies and doctors who monitored their physical growth. All these contributed to his formation as a person and as a footballer. He got his debut in the Premier League on 16 August 2003 against Bolton Wanderers, entering the 60th minute by the England midfielder Nicky Butt. He scored his first goal from a free kick in a 3-0 win over Portsmouth FC 1 November at Old Trafford.

Playing with Real Madrid Club

On 11 June 2009, Manchester United FC accepted the offer of £ 80 million, Real Madrid, and the signing was confirmed two weeks later, becoming the most highly valued transfer in football’s history. On 6 July was presented with the number “9” in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium before 80,000 people, a figure never before seen in a presentation of a player, after signing a six temporadas.


Cristiano Ronaldo is both a dynamic and a fast player who takes advantage of the offensive spaces. It’s clever, but handles his left alike; this allows him to play on both the sides’ bandas. Constantly overflows because of its ease to get outside or inside and their varied regates. His control of the ball allows him to accelerate his plays and this same speed gives a considerable advantage to face opposing defenses, giving superior attack. He is also a fast player and during the European Championship in Austria / Switzerland 2008, he recorded a top speed of 29.41 km. His great jump and a remarkable height (1.86m) also allow him to overcome the defenses in headers.

In just 5 seasons in Spain, Ronaldo has managed to score 15 goals from a free, making it the second player with the most goals scored from free kick in the last fifteen years in the league.

Private Life

Cristiano Ronaldo speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish. Christian’s father gave him the second name Ronaldo in tribute to the actor and later President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. On September 7, 2005 his father, Dennis Aveiro, died of renal crisis because of alcohol. Hours after Ronaldo Portugal’s coach to communicate his intention to play the match against Russia for the World Cup ranking 2006, but the Coach, Alex Ferguson allowed him to return to his hometown for burial and so the match against Manchester city was lost. In October 2006 he was questioned by British police for sexual harassment, but the charges were dropped for lack of any proof.


He is also a philanthropist and after two games for qualification to the World Cup, Ronaldo travelled to Indonesia to raise funds for the tsunami that swept days before, where he met the president giving a contribution of $120,000. Ronaldo, auctioned Golden Boot 2011, to raise funds for the children of Gaza, after Gaza was bombed heavily by the Israeli troops.


Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo is in a relationship with Russian model Irina Shayk.

Major Achievements

His consecration as expert soccer player was during his time at Manchester United , after winning three Premier League, two UEFA league, Cup two Community Shield, Champions League and also the Club World Cup in the Football Club. Received an award of the Golden Ball FIFA World Player addition to the Golden Boot trophy which credited him as the best player globally in 2008.

After starring the most highly valued and expensive transfer in football history, he ended up in the Real Madrid Club, improving his skills as a player reaching the club’s highest game records and games. He is also the first player who has surpassed a milestone of thirty-eight goals in a league season, placing the brand new forty-one goals, a record that helped him win his second boot conquered Oro . His performances led him to win his second Golden Ball in 2013.


Throughout Ronaldo’s career, he has managed to clinch several records. Among these records includes being the top scorer in Portugal’s national football team history with 50 goals scored in 114 matches, defeating by three points to Peter Pauleta. Real Madrid also required fewer games (92) in order to achieve the given goals in one hundred in the championship league. Cristiano is also the first soccer player in the history of the league to mark the overall teams that he faced in the season, or still the only player in history capable of scoring in six ‘classics. He is also still the only football player who have managed to have scored goals in six successive visits to the maximum stadium of Camp Nou, the rivalry to ‘white’, and also being the firsts Portuguese who has scored many goals in Champions League totaling 68 after defeating compatriot Eusébio.


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