We have been taught to think in a negative way, so the pattern of negative thoughts is affecting our marriages and life in general. In order to change this pattern of negative thinking, we have to change our beliefs that have been implemented while we were growing up. We have to create habits of positive thinking that will undo the damage created by the improper teaching of our parents.

As children, we learned how to behave according to our parents reactions to various events. So the behaviour, we picked up from our parents affects out marriages. If we lived in a family that was lacking love, empathy, and happiness, we tend to continue that negative spiral in our marriages too. The solution is to change the negative beliefs that cost us our marriage. Since behind every behaviour, there is a strong belief that leads to that behaviour. So to save our marriages, we have to change our beliefs.

Stress also affects us and our marriages, so we have to train positive thinking every day by watching less TV and meditating more often. We need to cut down on the negative news and to talk to only positive people. If we cannot talk to positive people, then we can read the articles of positive people: On this website, I learned the most common reasons for divorce. I managed to identify the causes, so I took active steps to prevent divorce. The inspirational quotes help me stay postitive throughout the day.

I encourage you to become positive and to stay positive with this website: Stay positive and have a happy marriage. Help other people to stay married and share the positive energy everywhere you go. This website is the perfect antidote for the negativity that we pick up every day.


Robert Gombos

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