Crossword puzzles make a huge impact on the lives of many people. There is no complicated science behind completing crosswords. In fact, there are those who learn the technique by simply trying to complete one everyday. There are also those who, like myself, go to an online crossword puzzle resource. One of the most helpful sites that I’ve visited is

People who are able to complete the crossword gets their brain exercised. You sharpen your brain’s capabilities every time you try to solve a crossword puzzle. If you like to be good at crosswords, this website will help you accomplish that. It has interesting articles that any crossword puzzle lover will surely enjoy.

For those who are just a bit curious as to how crossword puzzles started, this website has an article about The History of Crosswords. What’s great about this website is that it gives you information that you probably would search for yourself at some point. It already has that information, organized one website. So, you don’t have to search. It also gives you a better understanding of where your hobby comes from and how it came to be. It gives tribute to the beginnings of crossword puzzles, and it’s always a good thing to know the history of this hobby.

Moreover, the website also shares fun trivia. On the website, there is an article entitled 6 Things You Didn’t Know About The NY Times Crossword Puzzles. The New York Times, after all, has the most sought after crossword puzzles with a base of 1.8 million readers. The information that you will get out of this article will make you appreciate the efforts of crossword puzzle constructors who are freelancing, and who submit their crosswords to NY Times.

For those who are serious about honing their puzzle skills, the website also offers several write-ups about how to strengthen your techniques in solving puzzles fast. Articles like, How to Become a Pro-Crossword Solver, How To Become A Crosswords Guru Really Fast, The Three Useful Steps to Solve Crossword are well-written articles that will teach you actual steps and techniques to become a better crossword puzzle solver.

But what I like most about are the articles that they create about the benefits of solving crossword puzzles. It makes you feel like you have the right hobby, and that you’re simply not wasting your time. I never knew that by solving crossword puzzles, I have a good chance of not getting Alzheimer’s Disease. It also increases your word power, and trains your brain to function better in significant aspects. How do I know all of these? It’s all because the website has the information handy, and just ready to click.

True to its word, it is in fact a one-stop online crossword puzzle resource. To top the cake with icing, all of the information and clues are free to use. More importantly, if you’re trying to solve a crossword puzzle right now, you can simply type in the crossword clue and get all the possible crossword puzzle answers for that clue. Use it if you want. It’s free.


Robert Gombos

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