Oracle Corporation is highly popular PC technology corporation from USA. They are fully specialized in marketing and development of hardware computer system and software products. They are the second biggest maker of software products by revenue, just behind Microsoft Corporation.

Their official website is, and it is an appropriately clean and relatively simply designed website. Even though it doesn’t look highly modernized, it’s still has a slightly retro look, but overall it is pretty easy to use. Their website is however, very complex to scroll through since it literally has hundreds of various categories, so users really do need to know more about this website before starting to use it. Of course, they have a properly working search option which makes a job of an end user far easier and less complex.

On their website, you can easily find out everything new and old about their products, and find almost everything that you need to know about pricing, requirements and availability of their hardware and software products. Popularity of their website really speaks many volumes, since their website has specialized country/region options, and you can access a regional Oracle website in more than 100 countries, which is very impressive, and really speaks a lot about global appeal of their company. also provides a very fast approachable customer support which is available 24/7, and their employees are always keen to resolve your problems and answer your question in best and fastest possible manner.

So, for any user of products and services, their website is almost perfect, since it offers a lot of option, and it is easy to contact them through their webpage if you have any question or problems with usage of your current Oracle software or hardware products.

Official Oracle website also has a very wide array of downloadable features which could be accessed from clicking ‘Downloads’ option, and you will be instantly given a wide number of their downloadable features to improve your system or patch up your current software products from Oracle. You can also easily search any downloadable option through their search option.

To summarize up, is certainly a very great website which is perfect for this type of website, and really speaks a lot about their professional ethic since they decided to keep their website very clean, simple and also stayed with its retro look without trying to modernize it too much like many other websites do.


Robert Gombos

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