Health of pets is now a big issue these days. Experts and veterinarians opine that due to uncontrolled eating habits and owners’ proneness to feed more fatty foods, many health related issues occur in the pets. Cats are found to be one of the most affected pet in this matter. Wrong choice of food, over eating, lack of vital nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, not maintaining hygiene and not listening to or taking advice of veterinarians are basically responsible for all these health hazards in a pet cat. On many occasions, over protection is also an issue.

Furthermore, cats are naturally self dependent. They can take care of many things such as using an automatic cat litter box by themselves, taking food when feeling hungry and drinking water when feeling thirsty, etc. Over protection and unnecessary guidance can sometimes lead to less usage of intelligence and laziness.

Also, the owner should acknowledge the fact that the cat is not a human. Even though it is treated like a family member, yet it’s an animal and has some unique characteristics different from humans. The more you let it grow on its own and train it to grow some good habits regarding food, health and physical activities, more healthy and happy it will be in the future.

Main reasons behind getting illnesses:

Pet cats generally fall ill for two main reasons- obesity and inadequate grooming.

Obesity: Obesity itself is a health hazard for a pet cat. It occurs over the period because of over eating, unlimited swallowing of fatty food and less physical movement. Obesity brings breathing problems, heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, and many other problems.

Inadequate grooming: domestic cats often face digestive problems and skin diseases. Improper and inadequate grooming are the primary reasons behind these two problems.

How to keep a pet cat healthy:

Just like humans, cats too get sick. It’s feasible to visit a veterinarian in that situation. If the pet is falling ill frequently, the owner must check its habits regarding food, grooming and daily physical activities. Here are some important aspects to check-

  • Health and Diet: The owner should know what to feed and in what quantities? In general, maximum 30 calories per pound of body weight are sufficient for a pet cat. Anything beyond that may cause obesity during later period. Both plenty of canned and kibble foods are available on the market. The owner should consult an expert and try to know about the quantity of food to feed and the right frequency of feeding. Apart from food, water intake should also be adequate so that the cat never feels dehydrated. Whatever food the pet cat is fed regularly, it should be formulated for cats only. The dietary need of a cat is very specific, which doesn’t match with the other pets.
  • Grooming and hygiene: Grooming includes brushing the hair at least twice daily, bathing with medicated shampoo on a regular basis and pedicure periodically. Though a cat is a natural groomer, it needs a bit of human help to become perfectly groomed. In many other situations like regular use of an automatic cat litter box, the pet is always proactive.
  • Physical activity: Cat is naturally lazy animal. It spends almost half of the day sleeping and most of the waking time just sitting idle. Owner should make it physically active by infusing some habits by training them. Playing with toys and children at home, and roaming or running around, make it physically active.

Since, cat is basically an indoor pet, keeping this awesome pet healthy and hearty is not a tough job. Owners and other family members should follow guidelines on their health and hygiene as strictly as possible.


Robert Gombos

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