You’ve developed a great product and now you are ready to send it out into the world. You want your product to get to your customers in good condition, and this is where commercial packaging Minneapolis comes in. Here are some tips for packaging your products so that they arrive safely, look attractive, and make an impression on your customers.

Choose Durable, Light-weight Packaging

You want your products to arrive in your customers’ mailboxes in the same shape that they left your facility, so you need to look for commercial packaging materials that protect your investment of time, energy, and money.  This is especially important if your product is fragile. Make sure items won’t be crushed or broken during shipment by choosing the proper packaging. Weight of the shipment is also crucial because extra weight means higher shipping costs.

Focus on Sustainability

Today’s consumers are not only interested in saving money but are also becoming more and more concerned about the environment and sustainability. Many people prefer to buy from companies that use recycled or compostable packaging. Molded pulp made from recycled newspapers is one alternative. Inflatable air pillows made from recycled materials are also available, as are biodegradable items such as cornstarch packing peanuts and mushroom packaging.

Pay Attention to Branding

When your product arrives in good condition in attractive packaging, you want your customer to be able to recognize right away that it is from you. Many companies use logos on packaging so that consumers make a positive connection between the package and its contents. When they see your logo, they know something good is in there and they look forward to opening the box. Another thing to consider is proofreading. You don’t want to waste time and money developing attractive, recognizable packaging only to find a typo after the product is out the door.

Paying attention to these factors will help you get your products to your customers and make a good impression. A satisfied customer is a return customer.


Robert Gombos

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