Dawn R. Graham
6030 Norris Run Rd,
Blacksburg, VA 24060
October 14, 2015
Reference letter for Darel Lynwood Long

To whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in reference to Darel Lynwood Long. Darel and I have been friends and sometimes more since high school which has been 30 plus years. have been aware of his major medical issues for quite a few years.

Darel promised to help with some financial issues long ago, but these promises were delayed because of his health. I almost lost my home, but miraculously Darel came through at the last moment and paid the balance in full with no request for repayment. Now not only do I have my home, but I no longer have a mortgage payment.

With all of the delays from his health I thought he would not keep his promise, and just days before I was to rose my home in foreclosure, Darel came through and paid the balance. I am very grateful to him and so thankful
that I kept peace with him until he could fulfill his promise to me.

Dawn R. Graham


Robert Gombos

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