shadow is a website aimed at allowing its users to explore interesting places across the world by having a look at photos that others have uploaded. The users can subsequently uploading their own pictures and set their location as well. It is a community driven website where the community effort makes it possible for so many photos of places across the globe land up on the website. This free to use service is from Google and is regularly updated.

To discover better you have to be on their website and carry out a search for some of your favorite places in the world. You will be astounded at the number of photos that come up on the site.

The interface is very user friendly. When you search for a place, the bigger pictures that you get are the more popular ones which is another way in which the community benefits the site. You also have an option of accessing the Panoramio layer on Google Earth to see the photos that have moved from the website to the application.

If you want to upload some of your photos, you will need an account on the website. The uploader on the site may not be the best that you have ever come across but it still does the job of uploading fairly well. After uploading your photos, you have the liberty to share links of either specific pictures or all of them with your friends and acquaintances.

The real fun begins when you start tagging and locating your snaps. The website generates an easy to fill form which requires you to fill in details such as the place where the picture was taken and few keywords to associate the picture with so that others can find it on the web. If your camera has a built in GPS, Panoramio can take the coordinates of the location and locate the picture using them.

Panoramio has gained huge popularity among picture sharing sites because of its ability to find photos of just about anything. If you wish to participate in the community and share your pictures, Panoramio is a wonderful way to do it.

The site provides each of its users 2Gb of storage space for photos. You can also make a list of your favorites to track your favorite photographers and their photos. You can benefit the community by suggesting corrections to locations uploaded by other people.


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