After my grandfather died, there were a lot of things that I didn’t need from his house. I decided to sell the items; I didn’t need. I posted the items; I didn’t need on a lot of websites, but at one website, I sold most and that website was is a website on which you can post your free ads in California on a variety of categories: pets, real estate, entertainment, cars, jobs, etc. Once I posted my ads at, I received a lot of calls. I even sold items; I didn’t think I can sell, such as my grandfather’s old sign of Coca Cola.

There are two membership options for posting ads at free membership and gold membership. With the free membership, you can post ads, and will not take any measures to advertise what you are selling. With the gold membership, will show your ad on their home page to increase the visibility of your ad. The gold membership weekly rate costs $1.50, the biweekly rate is $3, and the monthly rate is $5. 

Although with the free membership doesn’t take any measures to advertise your ad, there aren’t too many ads at Therefore, you will sell your items fast as the person who is looking for what you’re selling will easily find your ad. All it takes to post an ad at is 10 minutes, and your ad is visible to other people in the US. 

Post your free ads on and sell everything, you don’t need, or what you don’t want anymore. Make your ad more visible with and make money without a sweat as there are people who restore old items, which you probably have a lot of them at home.

Not only items, but also you can sell services, and you can find a job at So increase your working relationships with a lot of people in the US and make money with your skills and expertise. Find an employer or clients for your business for free at 


Robert Gombos

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