In case you want hardwood floor in your house, choosing between the real hardwood and laminate flooring can turn out to be a challenging task. Most people don’t realize that hardwood flooring is simply better than the laminate one. There are several reasons as to why the hardwood flooring is the better of the two. Some of these reasons are explained below.


Hardwood floors are completely organic since they are manufactured from single wood pieces. On the other hand, laminate floors are made through high pressure bonding of several composite materials and melamine resin. Huge volumes of glues are used to cater for this bonding. The contents of these glues are however, questionable.


Once hardwood floor gets damaged, it can be easily repaired. You might drop something heavy on the floor making a dent into it. With time as the wax starts to chip away, this becomes clearly noticeable. For hardwood flooring, you’ll only be required to remove the damaged part in order to replace it with perfect hardwood and have your floor smooth again. You may also opt to sand away any scratches then wax it to make it look beautiful once again. In the case of laminate flooring, you cannot replace one part since that might cause buckling of the other floor parts. It is also impossible to sand away the scratches in laminate floors.

Appealing Look

Almost everyone prefers hardwood flooring to laminate flooring since the earlier looks better than the latter. This is mostly attributed to the fact that there is no symmetrical design in hardwood flooring. Wood has no symmetrical design when being found out in the forest or woods. On the contrary, laminate flooring is easily noticeable. People can tell that that is laminate flooring at just the look of it. This is due to the distinct pattern or form taken by laminate floors.


Hardwood gives you a much stronger floor than when using laminate flooring. This can be demanding especially if your family is quite large or even you own a pet(s). Great pressure usually destroys laminate floors. This implies that if you love wearing heels, you might have several cases of floor damages. High heels usually make indentions into laminate flooring. With hardwood flooring, you are assured of long time service since it is able to hold up large amounts of pressure.


Immediately laminate flooring becomes wet with water, it starts to buckle. With time, you may end up having a wholly damaged floor, breaking up and flaking away since laminate floors do not contain a cardboard layer in it. For the case of hardwood flooring, such damages are less likely to happen. Even if it happens, though rare, it can always be repaired to make it look appealing. Laminate flooring will require you to replace the entire floor.


If you inspect closely, there are very many differences between laminate and hardwood flooring. On comparing these differences, you’ll definitely realize that hardwood flooring is better health-wise and also environmentally. There are very many experts and places where you can get hardwood flooring Blue Ridge GA. You can also enquire about proper maintenance of your floors when purchasing or having your floors serviced.


Robert Gombos

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