Protection from cell phone radiation is a major issue among scientists and doctors all across the globe with 208 million mobile phone users in the US alone and the concern about a health crisis epidemic is extremely serious. Every cell phone, when switched on, releases electromagnetic radiation in the microwave radio frequency range. This cell phone radiation is absorbed by the human tissues most often in the head when you place the phone near your ear while talking.

The World Health Organization has identified cell phone radiation as potentially carcinogenic for individuals. The absorption of these particular harmful radiations cause biological disorders including cancer and tumor. Experts recorded about 500, 000 cases of brain and eye cancer every year since 2010 as a result of phone use that is overwhelming compared to the less than half figure of years past. If these statistics are factual, then the economic and healthcare pressure is immense.

Cell phones are attributed to brain tumors, cancer, headaches, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, and a whole lot more. While these diseases take few years to develop into terminal conditions, it is recently considered that future studies will validate these estimates; therefore pre-measures can safeguard you from being a future statistic.

Here are best ways to help you stay protected and radiation free from cell phones. Restrict your mobile phone use to only necessary calls and also keep conversations short and to the point to minimize extended exposure to radiation. Young people should only make use of cell phones in emergencies due to the fact that developing skull are usually more prone to radiation.

A wired headset can reduce exposure to a small fraction of what is usually absorbed. Do not forget that adult men who keep their cells turned on in their trouser pocket may reduce their sperm count by 30 percent. When using a cell phone without a headset keep the device away from your ear till the call is connected. Be careful not to use your cell in a metallic enclosure as it focuses radiation on your body.

It is a good idea to purchase a low radiation cell phone to minimize the associated risk of cell phone radiation. Try taking food supplements that help boost the bodies’ immunity to radiation.

Most importantly, a technically designed case, which is available for various mobile phones, redirects radiations away from the user and suppresses this exposure (Specific Absorption) by over 90 percent. Specific Absorption Rate is the way of measuring radio frequency energy radiations absorbed by the body in watts per kilogram.

The DefenderShield Cell Phone Radiation Protection Case is an innovative shield specifically designed to give total protection from mobile phone radiation without altering signal quality. When making use of your phone, simply keep the guarded flip cover between your body and radiation-emitting cell phone. By putting the cover closed while against any part of your body, an obstruction is made to protect from a wide range of potentially harmful cell phone radiation emissions. Purchase DefenderShield Cell Phone Radiation Protection Case for iPhone 5/5s now.


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