Long ago, predictions were something an entire community counted on. As a predictor, you couldn’t afford to make a mistake when it came to foreseeing rain, danger or happiness.

Today, things have changed. Nobody likes following predictors anymore because they haven’t come across one they can trust. Here’s why Pucking Hockey is a hockey predictor you can trust.

There are a few things this service has that not many hockey handicappers do. Firstly, Pucking Hockey has researched and learnt the trade over time.

They believe in putting in work for results. Their tips and predictions are the result of hours and hours spent on in-depth analysis of stats, trends, line combinations and starting goalies.

Providing free NHL picks is quite hard work, but Pucking Hockey makes it look easy. The man behind this venture has a rich background in hockey, developing a deep love for the sport only at age 8. His predictions are the result of intense observation of the game ever since he started playing it himself.

When choosing picks, you need someone dependable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and timely. Pucking Hockey guarantees all this and more through their nightly predictions.


Robert Gombos

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