In this modern era of technology, where almost all areas of our lives are dependent on computers, people can use this fantastic medium called the Internet (I’m sure you all know) to promote their respective businesses, all unique in their own way, and offering ways to help people.

One of the businesses currently gaining a lot of popularity is “earning money online”. Various institutions offer the facility to generate income, while saving the fuss of travelling to and from work.

The basis is : You learn to do some online work of your choice, you get good at it, and then you start doing it for money, all while being in the comfort of your house. In the immortal words of Heath Ledger, a.k.a. The Joker (The Dark Knight), “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”.

Pure Residuals (residual income opportunities) is such a website which offers to show you the best online businesses to invest in, and, if the mood strikes you, create one of your own.


There is a ton of stuff that can be done on this website. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute professional who’s been in this business a long long time or a complete newbie, who has the desire to learn and make money while learning (win-win, don’t you think?)

The website has a pretty casual approach while welcoming a potential customer. The page administrator states his name multiple times, trying to bring a feeling of “closeness” with the visitor. It works pretty well. There are quotes to inspire the reader and make him/her want to join the initiative and make money as well.

The site claims to filter through the mountain of business oppurtunities and find the best and most compatible business for your needs, while also seeing to it that the capital required to start the business is as low as possible.

It gives you an evaluation of every online business that has been in the limelight as of late and advises you about whether that business is investible or not. It shows the best online businesses that can not only earn you money, but can earn you residual income too.

Residual income is the amount of income that an individual has after all personal debts, including the mortgage, have been paid. This calculation is usually made on a monthly basis, after the monthly bills and debts are paid. The key to real passive, recurring or residual income is doing the work once and getting paid again and again)

And the best part is, and I’m sure everybody is going to agree with me on this, registration is completely free!!! (Woohoo!)

There is, though, if you feel to go full professional, a Premium membership which allows you to fully access all the content the site has to offer, giving you more information and help and therefore a greater chance of success in your future business endeavours.


Robert Gombos

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