Fast repairs, quality materials and excellent customer service is the reason why I’ve been a loyal customer of Rapid Roofing in Ann Arbor. Apart from the extensive services, which include roofing installations, roofing repairs, roofing maintenance, roof inspections and roof tear-offs, I rely on them for prompt, on-time responses especially when I need emergency repairs done. So far, they have delivered consistently when it comes to time frame and quality. They even do emergency jobs whether it’s day or night, so I know I have someone to call when accidents occur and there’s a leak that needs to be repaired or a damaged roof that needs immediate attention.

The company also offers free estimates so there ‘s no risk of bill shock when the work is done. They tell you how much the task is going to cost, the time frame needed to get the job done, and what I can expect during and after each project. The cost for every job is reasonable as well. I tend to be wary of contractors that offer the cheapest price, because what you see is what you often get. With Rapid Roofing I know I am getting the best quality of service and products for my money so I’m willing to pay a reasonable amount for a project that’s well done.

I go to them for the repairs of my roof after hail storms, snowstorms and for regular maintenance and they have consistently done a good job. Being a locally-owned company, they are able to communicate effectively with the customers to see if the final product is satisfactory. Their teams are professional and they do a great cleanup job afterwards.


Robert Gombos

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