gtrgrtgyteWhen the two brothers Dic and Mac Mcdonald’s started their simple single store in southern California they probably never imagined it will grow to be one of the largest sized food service retailer it has become today. When they started it was offering normal assorted food products like shakes, fries, and burgers. It has hence grown to be the largest food service retailing company with more than thirty-five thousand local restaurants operating in most of the big cities of the world in more than 100 countries.

It is a wonder to many people as to how McDonald’s achieved such a feat as to becoming number 6 in the world ranking of the most important brands. Still, the puzzles become more difficult as to how it generated such enormous customer leads as to become one of the most visited chains of restaurants by customers looking to have a good bite of their favorite products.

The sales figures though not publicly advertised are known to be very high as to make this food service retailer be ahead of all like food operators. To get an insight as to how they have succeeded so well so far a deep insight analysis as to the success factors have to be formulated about them such as:

• Best Product offers – One area the giant food service retailer has become very successful in is the area of creative innovations. From the initial small range of products offers, they have enlarged their product range to produce some of the high-quality food products in the world. It is true that it is a food chain brand that produces products with a lot of attention to details and quality. Some of the food products offered at McDonald’s are Hot Apple Pie, McFlurr, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and Egg McMuffin just to mention a few.

• Segmentation Campaign – One thing this food chain retailer has done is to carry out a very strategic approach towards marketing segmentation. They are able to study the market in each of the regions and come up with a market segmentation plan depending on people tastes at a different level of their ages. In America, they focus on promoting their products for children consumption.U.S.A is the main base of their business and most customers and most restaurants. Most of Macdonald’s budget is directed here. Other areas like in Japan you will find them concentrating on all age groups i.e. children and adults alike.

• Maintaining a Key locations guide – The company has put a lot of resources in coming up with detailed guides which lead you to exact locations of their restaurants worldwide. You will find various locations guide online sites with state of the art features that make it easier for customers to navigate and locate the restaurants. is just one of them. This is a good marketing strategy that makes it easier for customers looking for their choice eating places.

• Product research and testing – They do not take things for granted but take proper process measures that ensure that their products are well proven. The analysis is carried out on food popularity and decisions made as to whether to retain a certain product on their menu or not.

• Maintaining the same standards – Consistency is a virtual this food producer company knows about and practice to the maximum. You will be surprised when visiting different countries and finding out that the same product you purchased in a European city is just a replica of what is available in Thailand. Consistency also breeds expertise in that particular field and also portrays the brand’s uniformity.• Perseverance- Learning how an eagle enjoys going against the storm is a good lesson which has been adopted by the food chain retailer. It has been resilient for so long leading to its success.

• Perseverance – Learning how an eagle enjoys going against the storm is a good lesson which has been adopted by the food chain retailer. It has been resilient for so long leading to its success.


Robert Gombos

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