The main reason you should go for a car title loan is that it will save you from your financial woes. I can stop there because that’s the main reason anyone would consider a car title loan or title loan. However, I think I should share with you some of the other merits of title loans to show you that you have much to gain.

It’s Instant

When you need money, it is a need, and when you are dealing with a need, time is often important. Title loans are great in this situation. The application process is often straightforward and you can have your money in as little as under 20 minutes. I don’t know about you but that’s fast from my point of view. And with the help of the internet, the process can be even quicker since you don’t have to leave your premise or whatever current location you are to go and apply for the loan. You can do it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet and you’ll have your loan in no time.

Title loans are also convenient considering that you can apply for the loan from wherever you are. Most title loan companies are accessible online and have established online systems that make the process as smooth a possible. The fact that you can have the loan instantly and that you don’t have to travel long distances to apply for the loan makes them convenient for most people. When you need money, you don’t want to waste time with unnecessary application processes only for your application to be rejected at some point. Title loans are straightforward and save time and that’s why they are so great for most people.

No Credit History

Companies that offer title loans don’t consider your credit history. All they are interested in is a lien-free title of a vehicle, proof of residence, and that you are 18 years and above. Provided you meet these requirements, you will be good to go. If you have a bad credit score, this is a good option for you.

Your Vehicle Stays with You

Another beauty about title loans is that only the title of a vehicle is necessary and you’ll get to keep your car while you pay the loan. Provided you don’t default, it will be a smooth process and you’ll never notice a thing. In essence, title loans are stress-free, provided you did your math well. With a solid plan for how you are going to pay back the loan and provided you do it fast, you will have an easy time. I know they backfire on some people but provided your plan is solid, you won’t be part of that statistic.


Title loans are also flexible since the companies that offer them are open to more things than just a vehicle. They are called car title loans but I often use the term ‘vehicle’ when I refer to the car because it is not only a typical car that’s acceptable. You can use your RV, truck, motorcycle, or even your boat if you have one. The essential item is the title of the thing you want to offer as collateral and it has to be a valuable item. I bet you get that these are all valuable items. A motorcycle may not cost as much as your car but if it will help you get the money you want, it is ideal, and even less expensive if you were to lose it, provided it is not a Ducati or something that expensive.

I hope you see how convenient and flexible title loans are. If you are in desperate need of some cash, have a solid plan for paying it back, and need something to start you off, consider title loans.


Robert Gombos

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