The 2 step verification is an excellent tool on Gmail that adds a second protection to your email. Even if someone knows your email password, he or she cannot read your emails unless that person has your cell phone.

But the problem is, Google doesn’t allow you to make your own anonymous email since you have to receive a SMS to your cell phone in order to finish the registration of your anonymous email.

This is a violation of your right of privacy. There is one website; you can use if you want to make an anonymous email for websites from which you want to receive subscription emails, but you don’t want the owner of the website to find out your identity.

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This website is You can use one of the free phone numbers on the home page of the website, or you can buy a phone number from several countries to which you can receive an SMS with the code for the 2 step verification.

The best thing to do is to buy a phone number from some of the listed countries since Google probably knows and blocks the free phone numbers listed on the front page of

The phone numbers’ price varies according to the state where the phone number is from, but the price of each phone number doesn’t exceed $12. You should buy a phone number from a country from another continent for ultimate anonymity.

Because Google can find out where you actually leave via your IP address, you should also consider using either a proxy or a VPN service, according to the country from which you have bought a phone number.

Receive SMS online that contains your 2 step verification codes for your email that you want to use for anonymous online surfing. You have the right to use the Internet anonymously.

Even Google doesn’t have the right to control your online activity, Google asks for an SMS to complete the email registration process for legitimate reasons in order to prevent online crime, such as using the email for spamming or doing any other criminal activity.

But Google also prevents honest people to protect their identity online, this excellent service allows you to receive an SMS online, and it also allows you to subscribe anonymously to any website without uncovering your real identity.

Use the services of this excellent service to keep your identity safe and to protect yourself from misuse of your identity by someone vicious from another part of the planet.


Robert Gombos

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