Waiting for a cab or taxi is one of the most uncertain times any traveller faces a lot of times and it may get really stressful. You may have to wait hours on end for a cab that will take ages to come.

Otherwise, you may spend hours trying to wave a cab down and never get one to stop. Having a smartphone app that makes this process easier is great, thank God for the Google PlayStore. This is especially important when you are new to a place and you don’t know the exact transportation procedures.

The Ride-Be a Driver app, developed by Grind25 can be downloaded from Google PlayStore free of charge. This app gives you the ability to get a passenger anywhere.


You can book your car in less than 20 seconds and benefit from the immediate pickups provided by Ride. The best thing about it is that when booking, you are provided with real-time information on the car assigned and its driver, as well as the estimated fare.

Payments can be made by cash or through a restricted credit card. This app also offers real-time GPS tracking of your car which makes the journey to your destination hassle free and safe. If you want the safest, most reliable fastest, stress free, comfortable and professional pick up and drop off services, then the Drive app is your only choice.

Another great App that resembles to this one is RIDE – Be a Passenger, which offers same services, but for passengers.


Robert Gombos

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