Visa-Mastercard-credit-cards-e1387426494114Hiring an ideal SEO agency can affect the bottom-line of your business, but a bad choice can cripple existing search traffic. Therefore, select carefully and find an SEO firm that takes the right decision on your behalf. In an interview, ask the potential SEO professionals, questions given below to know precisely what to expect.

Freelancers and SEO companies differ a lot. Remember, SEO is not low-priced, but if you look for discounts then you can wind up with an agency that can damage your website. In addition, high price does not assure quality work. Many agencies charge an obscene amount for basic works and get away because most of the owners of websites that sell products or services are not aware of ways to evaluate SEO tasks.

Take an initiative to discard the bad SEO’s by asking the right questions. In addition, pay attention to their answers and you will certainly find an ideal SEO.

How will you increase search engine ranking?

Remember, significant results are not attained without severe SEO strategy. Randomly targeted keywords or building links may help to achieve sporadic results, but not consistent increase in traffic.

They will tell you that they start with on-site SEO audit to identify areas for swift wins and then they will spot the best targeted keywords.

The next step is backlinks, which plays a vital and consistent role to maintain your ranking. All SEOs build links, but all backlinks are not created equally. A single organic link can cost you a lot, but it is better than thousands of cheap quality backlinks.

How will you inform about website changes you make?

An ideal SEO firm sends regular reports either monthly or weekly. The SEO Company will need access to your site and so it is vital to hire a trusted one. Certainly, to lessen the risk, an in-house web developer can make the necessary changes. The hired SEO Company and developer need to have constant communication, which can cause delay in making changes.

Some may ignore making changes, which is another red flag. Off-site optimization is a large task for SEO but on-site optimization is vital in the start.

You will need to keep track of the changes made because if the SEO agency unexpectedly disappears then you are stuck with a damaged site. For emergency fix, it is necessary to be familiar with the website changes made.

Do you follow Google’s algorithm updates?

It is crucial to follow Google’s algorithm updates for long-term traffic increase. Around 500 algorithm updates are applied every year by Google for better user search experience.

Violation of Google rules can get you penalized and hit your traffic flow hard. It can take years to recover and correct the penalty.

What are your charges?

SEO agencies vary in their payment structure. They can charge percentage of media means they will incentivize to boost your media spend. This is not what you need. As an advertiser, you desire to enhance Cost per action or conversion rate or ROI. You can certainly limit media spend to attain the best conversion rates.

Some agencies offer flat cost on clicks you receive. This approach too can have them drive low quality clicks to increase their margin. Many consultancies charge per project. You can even opt for monthly or hourly payment for attaining good SEO services.


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