While I was with my four year old daughter on an outing to a park, she pointed at the road telephone lines. She asked what those were. I explained her about the telephone lines like I would explain to a layman.

After hearing everything she nodded as if she had understood everything. With a full matured expression she told me that sound must be traveling through air in mobile phones. She was in doubt about the cable communication. Without air how sound flies through copper cables.

The road telephone lines: What are these?

Telephone lines consist of poles and copper wires. Poles are dug in to the soil and a pair of copper wires hangs on it. In fact, poles are used as the means of support for the telephone lines.

I think these are generally used in residences and offices.

The functionality of the telephone lines

Telephones lines carry analog signals. Unlike digital signals, In case of analog signals, the strength of the signal gets reduced with distance. You may have to experience interruption while you are online.

I think you can use the telephone lines as a medium of contacting others. Apart from that you can use these for accessing internet.

Use of fiber optical cable has revolutionized the concept of telephone lines

The data travel speed is highest in fiber optic cables. You will hardly encounter problems such as signal interruption if you are subscribing fiber optic enabled telephone lines. You broadband speed also increases to manifold with the use of fiber optic cables.

Internet access through telephone lines

Internet through cables is the fastest form of internet access. While you install a telephone in your home you make use of a receiver in your home. Extra equipment you need to access internet through telephone lines. The extra equipment is known as Modem.

Is it mandatory to internet connection while applying for telephone lines?

There is no such provision. If you are applying for telephone lines, then you can get that without subscribing for internet. At times it is mandatory to subscribe for a telephone if you are applying for a cable internet connection. In most of the cases this is not also true.

Does nearby telephone lines affect broadband speed?

Broadband speed is directly dependent on the distance that the signal has traveled to reach your home. These telephone lines carry analog signals. With distance the strength reduces and more disruption is noted.

In my opinion, the lesser is the telephone lines away from your home, the more likely are you going to enjoy your internet speed. The internet services providers are working on building up the telephone network by setting up more telephone poles.

How road telephone lines are protected from the trees and the natural disasters?

The telephone companies do the maintenance jobs for the telephone lines. When the branches of the trees hang on the telephone lines, they cut that to save the telephone lines. Poles are not generally placed near the trees. The poles are well protected from the natural calamities. While erecting the poles special care is taken by the telephone companies to make the foundation strong.

Prevention is better than cure. This rule is followed by the telephone companies to protect the telephone lines. Before things become worst, the poles and the telephone lines are replaced with the new ones. Due to wind and snow, sagging occurs at the telephone cables. All the sagged telephone wires are replaced with the new telephone wires.

The present day telephone lines

Now-a-days telephone lines have gone underground. Instead of wires hanging on poles you may see green boxes in your locality. A single green box can supply phone facility to two to three houses alone. This works through 50 core cable that runs underground through a long distance.

The green box contains the end of the cables that has to be connected with your telephones. The pair of telephone lines is connected to the telephone of your house. The more is the number of telephones in your home, the more is the number of pairs of lines being drawn from the green box.

Near residential areas, telephone lines go underground, but for running the telephone through a long distance; telephone lines use poles and copper cables.

I think it is economical to use outer telephone lines for providing communication facility.


Robert Gombos

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