The winter holiday season is coming. During the holidays, it is always a good idea to spend your free time, reading a novel in order to prevent a brain atrophy, as a result of the decline of cognitive work during the holidays. You should find an interesting novel that will show you the life on the other side of your city.

Reading novels and autobiographies give you another outlook on life and help you see life from another angle; autobiographies and novels let you learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. So, you should choose a good book that will show you a look on life from someone else’s experience. You should stay away from movies and TV during the winter holidays since movies and TV show an unrealistic view of life and are often used to brainwash you.

As you often listen about crime, the criminals who lurk the streets of the cities in the USA, so the best way to protect yourself of crime is to get inside the head of a criminal. Therefore, reading a novel about a criminal is the best way to learn a criminal’s way of thinking and to protect yourself and your family of dangerous criminals.

You should read “Cultivating the DNA of Crime: A Thirteen Year Old Charismatic Genius Grooms His Criminal Organization” by Roy Albert Andrade. In this first-person point of view criminal novel, the author gives you a view in the criminal mind of a young talented kid who uses his intelligence to run a criminal organization. You will learn about the real factors that create a criminal, not the myths created by TV. You will learn how to recognize a killer, and how to avert your kids from criminal organizations if you live in a neighborhood filled with criminals.

Killers aren’t only poor kids who desperately need money; killers can be even kids whose parents are well situated. Killers aren’t only frustrated people, but killers can be also talented, charismatic, and charming.

Since killers are hard to notice in real life, you have to read this book to learn the real motives that make someone a killer. You have to prevent crime from occurring by getting inside criminal’s mind. Start doing all this by reading this excellent book that lets you understand a killer’s mindset perfectly: Prevent crime from occurring to your house and family and let your kids see the consequences of being a mafia member.


Robert Gombos

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