Beyond question, when you are missing teeth, the best way to replace them is not with a fixed dental bridge, or a removable denture. The best fix is with dental implants.

One of the problems that develop when teeth are extracted is that the patient will eventually suffer bone loss. Without the root of the tooth in the jawbone to stimulate the bone tissue for regeneration, the bone literally begins to melt away.

This will eventually even affect the roots of the adjacent teeth. However, with the placement of a dental implant, the bone is stimulated, and bone loss is arrested.

So not only do you avoid the problems of dentures rubbing sores, or the food that gets under a fixed bridge, dental implants are a permanent fix. Samaritan Dental Group has one of the best Tijuana dental implant dentists.

Dr. Arnulfo Vazquez has superior training to most dentists here and has established a great reputation.

In fact, our Tijuana dentists in Mexico are in great demand, and are kept very busy, not just because our prices are so affordable, but because we really do excellent work.


Robert Gombos

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