Samsung is very popular for its high quality and modern devices. There are some great smartphones that are offered by this company. Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are considered as the most popular devices from Samsung. They have a lot of useful and interesting features for all users. Therefore, they are very popular among many users today. 

Samsung Note 3 versus Samsung Galaxy 5

People can find some differences among those devices. It is important to compare those devices before selecting the best smartphone from this company. Here are some comparisons between both products.


This is the first aspect that can be observed for comparing both products. Both Samsung smartphones have beautiful design and style. However, they have different and unique designs. The Note 3 uses a faux leather plastic as its casing case. This plastic is very comfortable when it contacts the users’ skin. 

The Galaxy S5 has its own design and style. It has perforated pattern on its back cover. This design can increase the overall appearance of this device. It can create modern and unique design for the Galaxy S5. Some people believe that the Galaxy S5 has better design than the Note 3. 


Display becomes an important factor in any smartphone devices today. When comparing both products, people should take a look at this factor. The Note 3 has monstrosity display. Its 5.7 inch screen offers 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution. It is very powerful to play any high quality games or watch HD movies. 

The Galaxy S5 comes with 5.1 inch display screen. It also offers 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution. This resolution works very well in the compact size of this device. This display is another great feature that is offered by this Galaxy S5. Many people are interested with this compact size smartphone because of this high quality display. 


Both products have their own cameras. It is also a good idea to compare both cameras when comparing both Note 3 and Galaxy S5. The Note 3 is equipped with the 13 MP camera sensor. It allows all users to capture high quality pictures easily. It can deliver fantastic video and photo easily. This camera can shoot 4K ultra HD video quickly. 

The Galaxy S5 comes with better camera than the Note 3. This device has a 16 MP sensor in its camera. It also comes with high pixel resolution. The camera of this S5 uses hybrid autofocus system that can improve the overall user’s experience. 


Many people want to find the best color that is suitable for their needs. Different devices have their own color options. When comparing both Note 3 and Galaxy S5, people should also take a look at their color options. The Note 3 comes with black, white, and pink color. 

The Galaxy S5 offer more color options than the Note 3. This device has some color choices, including blue, black, white, copper. It means that people can select the best color that can meet their styles and preferences. Choosing the right color is very important for all users today. 


When comparing both products, people should also take a look at their audio feature. This feature is very important for most users today. The Note 3 can produce high quality and clear sounds easily without having any issues. People can play any songs on this device properly. There is no distorted sound that can be produced by this device. 

The Galaxy S5 has lower audio quality than the Note 3. Some people claim that they are not able to hear the clear sound from this device. The Samsung is going to upgrade the audio feature from this device in the future. However, all users can still enjoy the regular music or song from this device. 


This is another important factor that should be compared from both devices. The Note 3 runs on the Android 4.3 operating system. This OS is very powerful to support all users with a lot of great apps. It can provide up to five different home screens. This device has easy user’s interface that can be used by all users easily. 

Some people also love the interface from the Galaxy S5. This device runs on the Android 4.4.2. This operating system is newer than the version from the Note 3. This smartphone has additional home screen on its device. This additional screen can be used to display the My Magazine news feed. 


Some people also compare the performance of the Note 3 and Galaxy S5. It is important to take a look at some features that can support their performances. The Note 3 comes with impressive graphic score that can improve the overall user’s experience. 

The Galaxy S5 has superior Snapdragon 801 processor. This system is very useful to accelerate the performance of this device. This system has faster loading speed than the system from the Note 3. When people are looking for the quick performance smartphone, they should take a look at the Galaxy S5. 

Battery Life

Battery life is very important for most people who spend their time with both products. It is necessary for all users to compare the battery life from the Note 3 and Galaxy S5. The Note 3 is supported by the 3,200 mAh battery that can last for about 11 hours. This long lasting battery life is very attractive for most users these days. 

This high performance battery life can also be found in the Galaxy S5. This device is also supported by the durable battery. However, it has shorter battery life than the Note 3. It only has about 9 – 10 hours battery life. This situation can also be affected by the high performance from this device. 

They are some differences between the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy S5. It is important to compare both products before choosing the best one on the market. There are a lot of good reviews that are available on the Internet today. It means that many people are interested with all features from both products.

All potential customers can select the best device that is suitable for themselves. Both products are available on some online stores these days. They are also protected by the limited warranty from the Samsung. Ask the sellers about this limited warranty before buying any one of those products.



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