You can commission and send a heart by mail original artist drawn greetings card to anywhere in the world.

Most of us have little time for the pleasant things in life, our hectic lifestyles and email and text messaging dominated life take away the opportunity to just stop and say thank you. And when we do it’s often by the way of a throw away email or text message. We at hearts by mail think that something more permanent and worth holding onto is needed.

Here, we provide a way of slowing the world slightly while allowing you to reach out in a touching, old fashioned way. Remember when you were younger, when the mail delivered those messages, cards and gifts, they meant something, some of us keep those things that were sent by mail as mementos.

How many of us keep that special Facebook post or email in a special place?

You already say, text or post the words that relay messages at birthdays, valentines, Christmas or just to say thanks.

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Robert Gombos

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