Okay, I’m deleting all my apps. I’m starting over with a clean slate. It got to the point where it would take me 5 whole minutes to find the app I was looking for because I had so many. Seriously, they started to slow my phone down and I didn’t even use 75% of them. So now it’s on to downloading only the apps I need and nothing else.

I was recently inspired to transition to a more natural and holistic lifestyle, but I was finding it difficult to implement some of the changes I think would be good for me. I tend to be disorganized, so it’s hard to keep up with the blog posts I follow, the recipes I’ve saved in other apps, and searching for products I can buy to help with the lifestyle change.

I know there are all kinds of apps out there, but I thought I had no chance of finding a single-source solution to help me out. I stumbled upon the Seudos app in the iTunes store, and after scrolling through the screen captures, I decided it might be worth a shot.


After downloading the app, it took a day or so to get used to a new program, but it turned out to be a good idea to stick with it. I was able to save my favorite blogs in one section and then went to set up auctions for some of the items I need to get rid of.

Both things were easy to create and monitor, and I honestly feel like this app may be the missing link I needed to keep my self-improvement plan together. For anyone who wants to keep focused on a large project and not be distracted by having to jump between a billion different programs, I recommend giving Seudos a try.

My only critique at this point is that if you have a plan or project that requires having more people involved than just yourself, you’ll have to convince them to download this program. Once they see the opportunities this app offers though, I think they won’t have a problem.


Robert Gombos

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