It is only natural that people have some commonality in what they experience in life. Each and every person across the globe has a story to share. It could be a story of success or better still a story of failure and bad experience. This is simply nature. If you have a story that you indeed feel the need to share, is one of the ideal websites to do so. is a simple website that allows people from all across the globe to share their experiences by telling real life stories. It is in this website that you will come across a great deal of stories which have already been posted by people in the past. You can simply join the club of these story tellers and share yours too.

The truth is that it feels great when you share your experience with other people. It’s understandable and normal the fact that both success and failure are a common thing among humans. You might think that you are the only person undergoing life hustles not knowing that there are people who are in even worse situations than yours. The same case applies to success stories. There are people who are way ahead of you.

The great thing about is that every person can join. In fact, the sign up process is not complicated in any way. It takes just a matter of minutes to become a member of the largest story telling club. All you need is to provide your username and the password you prefer and you will be ready to go.

Upon joining this platform, you will be provided with story submission guidelines. It is from this part that you will understand the criterion used in posting and publishing stories in You will also get some tips on some basic things that are used to make stories look great.

After looking over the submission guidelines, you can read stories which are provided in the “Stories Blog”, “Your True Story” and “True Story Links” pages. The stories you find there will not only enlighten you on how to submit great stories but make you learn about other people’s experiences. The stories here are based on facts and real life situations, hence a great way of learning.

Once you are done reading the stories posted on the website, it is now time to share yours. Let people know that you have a unique true story to share. The truth is that you will feel great to mingle with other people in this platform and understand the commonality, the equality, that humans share.

People have always told stories to make sense of their world, to connect with other people, to share the joys and trials of life and to learn from each other. Now, it’s your turn. Travel the road home with us. Share. Read. Connect.


Robert Gombos

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