Nowadays, Android phones are very in demand. These devices provide satisfaction to users around the world. With a variety of applications to be installed, there are greater chances to enjoy games, movies, and other media. With the advancement of technology, Android phones can even serve as remote controls for television and other electronic equipment. Everything seems to be possible.

There are instances when a device gets weary of operating due to its usage for hours. Slow Android becomes a problem for the users. People tend to throw their phones due to anger and disappointment. However, there is still a way to bring back the best on a device. Simple boost is an application which can answer your doubts.

Here are tips on how to speed up Android phone:

  1. Remove the Applications in the phone background- users may not be aware about how the application affects the performance of a device. These apps run continuously even they are not currently used. They even cause a failing CP cycle. There is really a need to kill those apps before they totally slow down the system. Simple Boost will be able to detect if the phone is not doing well. Slow Android will be given a preventive action.
  • You just need to click “Menu” button. Then, tap settings. The applications will be displayed and you can now do the appropriate action. Select the label, “Running”. Choose the application which you want to stop through hitting “Force stop.”
  1. Monitor the suspicious applications- Users tend to get attracted with the desirable features online. They randomly select application without paying close attention to the possible threats. When the applications are started, the users will just notice that the device is declining. There might be a scam or virus that affects its operation.
  • For better Android performance, owners must not hesitate to uninstall the suspicious software. Then, they must try to observe if there are changes with the performance. Simple Boost will assist on identifying the threats in a slow Android. It will give a hint if you relay need to eliminate a certain application.
  1. Uninstall the Unused applications- Speeding up an Android phone will be successful if you try to disregard the unnecessary apps. More installed applications means that the internal memory decreases. Consequently, an Android phone operates slowly. If an application is not opened for several weeks, it means that they are not really important to you.
  2. Be organized with the widgets- People usually choose live wallpapers for the background. These animations are very appealing to the eyes. The problem lies to the processing power consumed while running them. As a result, the slow Android tends to have worse operation where the battery life is also shortened.

Instead of occupying the entire home screen with numerous widgets, just select the necessary ones—calendar, sticky notes, clock, and others.

A slow Android is really a problem for the users. It causes interrupted communications and declining operation. Simple Boost will help on speeding the Android phones effectively. By simply running the application, devices will be more optimized.


Robert Gombos

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