Swiftchat lets you join and fully enjoy completely free chat rooms from all over the world. Keep in touch with old friends and meet new ones through a chat room based text messenger where you can send unlimited chat messages.

In their app, you will be able to browse, create and join chat rooms.You will see the hottest topics and you can take part in global chats, group chats and you may even create custom rooms to start your own trend.


Global chats do not have any language or cultural barriers so you can experience ultimate chatting freedom. Live group chats connect you to up to 100 individuals with the same interests for good conversations. You can collect upvotes which can be used to unlock awesome features such as emoticons, stickers and profile images.

Customize your profile according to your preferences, personality, or however you wish. This way, people can get to know you more and you will be able to make a good impression.

Share awesome videos and your favorite websites, audio clips, and photos. This great app also lets you express your creativity and be artistic with their drawing tools. You can also share your masterpiece later on with friends. Just a downside though, this app can truly get a lot of attention and time from you because of its amazing features which does not cost you anything at all!

This app gets you connected conveniently over the internet through 36 or WiFi. The Swiftchat app is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play and get a preview at their website


Robert Gombos

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