For more than 30 years, Lifetime Developments boosts of creating a flourishing residential neighborhood as well as favorable business properties which have defined clear benchmarks for architecture and design innovation. The agent is best at achieving state-of-the-art designs which are not only eye-touching but publicly appealing as well.

The company has shown a strong ability to identify appropriate locations poised for growth; they’ve also been leading the way in creating an attractive atmosphere for the evolution and development of dynamic urban societies. Lifetime has kept on being on staying on the front line of Toronto’s estate’s property and construction segment.

The company’s core activities have attracted a universal praise and they’ve won several awards in residential development for deliberately achieving in unparalleled areas, restoring neighborhoods, and for historic molding groups. It’s for this reason that Panda Condos, a new residential structure in Yonge-Dundas Square, will be one of its kind.


Panda Condos are perfect for people of all ages, and all backgrounds. The thriving nature of the downtown area means that it is ideal for single men and women; the large amount of businesses means that it is easy to
find work in the area and the high concentration of bars and restaurants are perfect for after work socialising.

Families can also be guaranteed a great experience if they move in to Downtown Toronto; again, there are good employment opportunities and numerous schools in the area. Finally, students can also make this area their home; The University of Toronto, one of the world’s most prestigious higher education providers, has three campuses in the area.

The prime location, reputable neighbours and exciting entertainment scene all contribute to the general popularity of this area. Individuals and families can make this area their home, enjoying a relaxed lifestyle in these wonderful new properties.However, companies can also enjoy the new Pandas Condos; the business opportunities in this area are endless.

It is no surprise to discover that this area is becoming exceedingly popular for residential and commercial opportunities; therefore you need to be quick to avoid disappointment. Get in touch with Pandas Condos today to find out how you can make Downtown Toronto the location of your future home, or business.


Robert Gombos

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