shadow is owned and managed by Arya, a company specialized in the manufacturing and selling of rags and accessories.

Arya manufactures all kind of carpet (tapis) for distributors, meaning they are a large scale manufacturing company. They basically set up a meeting with anyone who wants to buy their rags and accessories, and find out what types your customers will prefer. With that information, they set out to create the exact kinds of rags you asked for, with help from their team of design professionals.

As part of their services, the company also walks their customers to success with their products. In other words, they will follow up on your project. Arya also offers white glove delivery and installation services.

The website also clearly outlines the different categories of rags and accessories that you can get from them. You can get floral, damask, leather, flat weave, traditional, classic traditional and many other different types of accessories and rags. Once you contact the company, they will give you safe access to the full range of products in their catalogs.

The rags and accessories are made of either natural fibre or synthetic fibre. The company makes their products using different techniques. These techniques include hand knotting, hand tufting, hand hooking, power looming and flat weaving.

The rags and accessories are made in India, by local Indian people. Arya has created a local foundation to help the weavers and accessory-makers improve their levels of education and therefore access a better quality of life. As a customer of Arya, you will therefore be playing an indirect role in eco-humanity.


Robert Gombos

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