Countries are ranked in terms of the Gross Domestic Product commonly known the GDP per the capita when determining their wealth. Without any of the surprises on the list, here are the 5 top richest countries across the world.

#5 Singapore has GDP per the capita of $58,797

Singapore is a country situated in the Southeast Asia and has 64 islands that collectively house about 5.07 million people. The country has GDP per the capita of $58,797. Its main industries are electronics, financial services and chemicals. This puts at number 5 in the ranking.

#4 Norway has a GDP per the capita of $59,920

The Norway Kingdom is among the few countries still in the world under the rule of a monarch. The country has a GDP per the capita of $59,920 and has strategic economic areas such as petroleum & natural gas, as well as good processing. This European country hosts 5 million people as well as a growth rate of 1 percent.

#3 United Arab Emirates has a GDP per the capita of $60,774

United Arab Emirates is the third world’s richest country in terms of wealth in the entire world. It is the home of the world’s biggest shopping mall called The Dubai Mall. This mall has been attracting many shoppers as far as Europe going to the shop within the country. The country has seven emirates, which are governed by an elexted president. It boasts at a remarkable GDP per the capita of $60,744. The country hosts 9 million people and mainly specializes on petroleum, aluminum, cement and petrochemicals.

#2 Luxembourg has a GDP per the capita of $88,562

Luxembourg is a tiny European country that is smaller than the Rhode Island. The country has its native language at the same time glories an amazing GDP per the capita of $88,562. This Luxembourg Grand Duchy has a population of 600,000 people who speak three different languages namely French, Luxembourgish and German. The country also enjoy the largest industries share in the world in terms of financial services, banking, iron and steel.

#1 Qatar has a GDP per the capita of $90,379

Qatar is the top richest country in entire world today. It is also the home to 2022 FIFA World Cup. With an estimated population of about 2 million people, the Arab nation enjoys an impressive $90,379 as their GDP per capita. Just like many other Middle Eastern countries, the country majors in crude oil production as well as refining and play a key role in the industry.

In the end, the above information should help you understand the 5 top richest countries across the world.


Robert Gombos

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