Or as a SEO might see it, Webmasters vs SEO’s. And most will think Webmasters would be “Luke” and SEO’s would be Darth as Webmasters making beautiful things and SEO’s come up with words like canonical, Rel=”Author”, and 301 redirects, no wonder we are look at as the Dark side.

Many of the web development community tell us “if you build it awesome, they will come” and this might be true but people have to find out about it first, You know chicken and egg. However, many SEO’s want to promote SEO as the one and only way to build a business.

As a seasoned marketing professional I also know that there are industries that are not glamorous, don’t have rich content to give, and boring pictures to boot. Let’s think of a couple, dry cleaners, insurance companies, Super Markets, and so many more.

Now as a true SEO I know there has been an insurgence of Social Bookmarking in the industry so looking for key points of interest help in gaining traction online. Content marketing is so important today that to bring a company from the ashes of the internet needs creative and informative topics to get noticed.

Looking for ways your clients have helped people they serve is the biggest and best way to raise attention and gain traction in the SERPS. It kinda like a PR campaign has to be worked into the SEO at the same time.
Take for instance, something happens with your client and everyone wants instant gratitude(don’t they) well maybe slowing down is key in some instances.

This moment happens and everyone want to tweet this happening. But maybe it’s best to tweet it after writing a blog past and linking it to your article. This will bring traffic to your money site where they might find other nuggets of interest to bring them back(we are creatures if habit)

As the old saying goes “Pictures tell stories Sell” This is why it is so important to have reviews built into every website today, after all it is also fresh content that neither the SEO, webmaster, or site owner has to create. And if there positive reviews, well!

Lets look at soap. Did you know that back in the 60’s people weren’t washing as much, cleaning their teeth as much, so they invented bubbles. This got the attention of school children that when washing their hands it became fun. (This also brought down the amount of people getting sick). But foaming agents brought a new generation of people using a product.

Lets look at Old spice today, they have hit it out of the park and brought a boring industry to the lime light. I think SEO’s must also be imaginative, informative, and a little tricky. But of course knowing the in’s and outs of getting to the top helps perpetuate their cause. For an imaginative SEO Service Company check out Industry Army Marketing.


Robert Gombos

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