Whether you work in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or food and beverage industry, your business will benefit from the implementation of efficient industrial blenders. Depending on the nature of your manufacturing and scope of your budget, one type of blender may be a wiser choice than another. The following styles are only a few of the many types of mixers on the market.

Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon blenders are the most widely used and versatile style of blenders. From dry applications like multivitamins to wet applications like plaster, the helix-shaped agitator easily mixes materials and is known for being low maintenance. These blenders come in different subtypes depending on the specific needs of your business with regard to practicality, power and capacity. Compared to other mixers, ribbon blenders have the lowest overall cost, although the price will change depending on the style best suited to you.

Dual Shaft Blenders

Like ribbon blenders, dual shaft blenders are used in many different industries, but they are not quite as versatile because they are only used for certain applications. Their design consists of two parallel tubs containing one shaft in each, which can be manipulated to go in various directions and at several speeds depending on the type of mixing required. Due to the specific nature of the dual shaft design and range of customization options, an expert can be helpful in deciding if this type of industrial blender will work for you.

Fluidizer Blenders

Although fluidizers look like ribbon blenders at first, they are actually a relatively new type of blender that users frequently find to be more efficient than other popular blenders. Because this mixer’s blades are short and angled, it blends materials much quicker than the spiraled design of ribbon blenders. Although fluidizer blenders aren’t as well-known and can have a steeper cost than other types, their impressive versatility and speed makes them a viable option for those in many industries.

It can be overwhelming to decide what type of blender will be the most efficient, cost-effective choice for your business. If you need assistance distinguishing between the various types available, you can always contact an expert.


Robert Gombos

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