Icona Condos may as well be the ideal solution for a young professional, looking to optimize their lifestyle and for first-time buyers.

Icona Condos not only provide all amenities that a young singleton may need, it is a stone’s throw away from my place of work, currently downtown and a short metro ride away from the bustle of downtown Toronto, where I can head for the perfect night out on the weekend.

What I am mostly drawn to is the variety of experiences to choose from; – while I may travel downtown for nightlife, Vaughan’s Metropolitan centre caters to my outing needs with its countless restaurants and bars.

Within the development, the availability of a fully-equipped fitness center and pool on site is an immense convenience for a professional who works long hours and does not disregard the importance of incorporating these into an otherwise busy lifestyle.


In addition to the in-house amenities co-exist with the city’s new central business district in perfect harmony. As an entrepreneur, the multi-use office towers alongside the residential complex are a true game-changer both on a personal level and in business, as clients can easily come to us in a truly prestigious and impressively well-presented work space.

It is rather awe-inspiring to think of how much my business can benefit from having an office in proximity to a reputable company, the size of KPMG, who already operate in the area.

Surely, for the young twenty or thirty-somethings, naturally seeking entertainment as well as pleasant living conditions after a hard day’s work, the collection of condos happens to feature a stunning, enclosed sky lounge. For an outdoor lounge, 50 stories above ground, it sure promises to impress a few friends!


Robert Gombos

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