Not long ago, purchasing a used car was such a dicey proposition. In fact, it can still be. Nevertheless, today, buying a pre-owned vehicle in excellent condition is so much easier. Finding a car whose reliability allows you to sleep peacefully at night is effortless.

Part of the reason why it’s easy to search and find a used car is the availability of many used cars in the market.

What is a certified car?

Generally, a certified vehicle has the following features:

  • Has passed through a thorough safety and extensive performance inspection
  • Has been refurbished or repaired to bring it new vehicle standards
  • Carries with it an extended warranty

As the certified pre-owned vehicles grow in popularity day by day, more groups of people continue to get into the picture. Third-party companies as well as car dealers are becoming part of the area that was once the reserve of vehicle manufacturers.

Nonetheless, vehicles with manufacturer-sponsored programs still remain the biggest part of used car markets.

Enjoy peace of mind

Certified pre-owned cars bring with them peace of mind. This is because they pass through extensive inspection and thorough repairs. Moreover, they have warranties. This definitely saves you both the money and time it could have taken if you chose to do it yourself.

Avoid the twenty-forty percent depreciation

These cars normally help you avoid the ever high up-front twenty to forty percent depreciation cost that the original car owner already suffered. This depreciation is normally active during the maiden two to three years of owning the car.


At times, some auto companies allow clients to lease certified pre-owned vehicles. This provides an appealing alternative to the buyers that are interested in driving the more expensive used cars, but can’t afford to buy a new one.

Free maintenance

Free maintenance for a certain period and mileage limit are part of a certification process of CPO programs. Generally, this particular benefit pays for strictly tire rotations or oil changes according to a manufacturer’s recommended interval.

Satisfaction guaranteed

With some certified pre-owned programs, buyers are allowed to bring their vehicles back and make an exchange within specific periods. This is also allowed only under certain mileage limits. It is important to note that this is never a money-back guarantee. Instead, this benefit that is offered to buyers allows a one-time swap to a vehicle that you prefer.

That being said, it is worth mentioning that customers who purchase these kinds of vehicles from Ideal Auto USA become eligible for an array of benefits. Some of the other perks that you stand to benefit from include drop-off service, shuttle pick-up services, service loan cars, and a host of others.


Robert Gombos

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