Any blog or website, in order to be accessed, found, seen, or visited, it is necessary to have a “residence” that we can call hosting, a unique space online with a unique address.

We can divide hosting options into three large groups as follows.

Shared Hosting 

This type of web hosting means that a particular blog or website shares the same server with others.
Depending on the capacity of the server and the popularity of the company providing the service, it is possible to host hundreds to thousands of websites or blogs. Imagine living in a semi-detached house or a rented gated community.

Usually, it is the hosting company that does the maintenance and operation of the server, providing the necessary connectivity, and manages all administrative aspects. Therefore it is perfect and suitable for those who do not have great technical knowledge. Monovm is a good example if you need WordPress hosting.
The price of this type of hosting is also significantly lower when compared to others.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name implies, with this type of hosting a blog or website will have a fully dedicated server and can be compared to renting a single family home.

Because the server is not shared, the great advantage is that you can expect a good page loading speed and, consequently, will allow much higher traffic, managing very well any peaks that occur, for example, during the promotional campaigns. The cost is usually higher than shared hosting.

Private Hosting or VPS

This type of hosting is a little more technical and is only possible thanks to a recent technology known as partitioning technology.
In practical terms, there is a physical server with several virtual servers that behave like dedicated servers, with their own space.

It is the ideal choice for those who have strong technical knowledge, since it allows, for example, to configure or reset the server, host various websites or blogs, or install software.

When compared to the “normal” shared hosting, the VPS hosting allows us to eliminate, almost entirely, the disadvantages of that.
It is also an excellent option for web pages that receive a lot of traffic.

Although any of these three types of hosting has positive points, the truth is that not everything is pink. But that is another story that we will certainly cover in an upcoming article.


Robert Gombos

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