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The boys laughed and lay down again in the sand, while Rama sighed ponderously. He had eaten too much, and, with hands clasped on his paunch

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What makes a great action movie? The answer to this question would differ depending on who you are asking right? If you would ask a regular man on the street, a great action movie is probably something that will not allow him to rest on his seat. It has to be action-packed from start to finish. If you would ask a film critic though, a great action flick is something that revolves around a compelling story.

Fights scenes should not be staged for the sake of having fights scenes alone. There are is one recent movie that seemed to have gained the approval both of hardcore action movie fans and cinema aficionado and that movie is The Raid 2: Berandal. When you search for reviews of this film, you will be hard pressed to find people who hated it. To those who have yet to see the film, go buy a DVD right now. But if you want to know more, then read the rest of this post.

Those who have seen the first installment of The Raid are not that surprised to find out the greatness of its sequel. The original 2011 movie by Gareth Evans is also an excellent film that surprised critics worldwide The movie quickly gained a cult following who clamored for a sequel soon after the end credits stated rolling. And this year, their wish came true. And they got more than what they expected. If the first movie left audience gasping and painting, this one probably left some bruised if not totally bloodied. Yes, it is not hard to get swayed into the intense action of the film.

Warning: Do not watch this film with sharp objects nearby or you might just hurt the person beside you. Yes, the movie is that gripping. When I watched it, I cannot help but throw punches and kicks in the air. Thank God, I did not damage any thing in my apartment.

The Raid 2, of course, picks up from the first movie. It follows the adventures of Rama who is played by Iko Uwais. In this film, he goes undercover in prison to get close to a crime lord named Uco, the father of whom is a big crime leader named Bangun who is still roaming free. In the mix of things is a competing criminal named Bejo who killed someone who is very close to Rama. When Rama got out of prison, he immediately entered Bangun’s organization where he worked to gather evidence against the group and its leader.

But while Rama is doing his work, the other players seems to head into a bloody confrontation. On top of its all is the over ambition Uco. Because of his insatiable desire for power and fortune, he was able to set in motion a chain of events that threatens to bring total chaos to the crime underworld.

If the plot is fails to make you want to see the movie already, then maybe the number of action sequences will. Believe me, I tried to count them all but failed. One may need to watch the movie several times to be able to come up with an accurate number of the action sequences. In most action movies, fight scenes are reserved for the climax or peppered in just a few parts of the movie to make it more exciting. In this movie though, you will be begging for the action to stop so you would be able to catch your breath. You would also wish that you could stop blinking even for just the whole duration of the movie. Many of the action are so fast that you may need to turn on the slow-mo function just to be able to appreciate them fully. And if you are a true action fan, you would not mind watching the fight scenes over and over again because they are that good.

I am not saying that The Raid 2: Berandal is a perfect movie. The script could use some tightening. And yes, acting could also use some refinement. But if you are looking for an action film that would be worth your time and money, then The Raid 2 should be on the top of your list. It would be hard for Evan or for other movie directors for that matter to come up with a more action-packed flick.

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