Decent accommodation is a prerequisite for gaining admissions into any institution of higher learning. Because on-campus accommodation is often limited and not guaranteed, alternative means of accommodation is always necessary to fill the void.

That’s where the Theory Condos come in. For a start, this piece of real estate is a 29-storey tower building that includes 309 residential units. This state-of-the-art, low cost apartment block is located at the heart of Toronto city and is primarily intended to accommodate students of the nearby University of Toronto as well as those of the numerous colleges, polytechnics and other institutions of higher learning that dot the city and its metropolis.


A number of factors converge to make it the alternative accommodation of choice to any student/would-be occupant. These include but are certainly not limited to the following:

Prestigious Address

This piece of real estate is located in the following address: 203 College Street Toronto, Canada (right at the intersection of College Street and Beverley Street). This address is right at the heart of downtown Toronto, an area that is very prestigious and the ultimate dream of just about any business or individual.


The address wherein the condos are located is served with several means of transportation. These include the subway, taxis, public transit services, and has plenty of parking spaces for private cars. Current and would-be occupants are thus spared of any inconveniences while commuting to and from the premises.

Availability of Complementary Services

Quite a number of complementary services are available in the area and which enhance and facilitate the lives of the occupants. Several restaurants, shopping malls, apparel stores, and other amenities do exist either in the same building complex, or in several blocks away. They include: Eaton Centre, College Park, several retail shops, restaurants, and five major hospitals.

Proximity to Several Institutions of Higher Learning

Several institutions of higher learning are located nearby. These include the University of Toronto, Seneca College, Centennial College, and Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music, to mention but a few! Occupants of the condos are thus spared of long commuting hours while accessing these institutions.

Call for Action

Prospective clients who would wish to leverage the benefits that Theory Condos have to offer are strongly urged to visit the official website: and register. All the other relevant details that are required are all provided therein.


Robert Gombos

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