Beside a great form of exercise badminton itself is a fun game. I think if you have strong playing techniques, strategical mindset and lighting fast feet then you can make badminton game fun with your gaming skills. Following tips can help you in making your badminton game funnier than ever.

Mastering the basics of badminton

In order to make your badminton game more fun filled, in my opinion, it is better to start with mastering the basic steps of playing the game. The following tips can make it easy for you.

Hit the shuttle at the center: You should always hit at the center of the round rubber portion of the shuttle. You should focus on its center while returning overhead shots.

Hit top of the arc of the shuttle: By hitting the shuttle on the top of its arc you can take the benefit of its height and speed. It will provide you full control on the shuttle while playing a killer overhead shot.

Always position yourself in the middle of the court: After hitting the shuttle you should always return to the middle of the court. It will allow you to reach the shuttle hit by your opponent at any position. This position will always keep you ready to reach the shuttle.

Shuttle should be hit to the back line: Though hitting the shuttle to the backline need your strength and correct timing but it compels your opponent to go back and apply more strength to return the shuttle to you. If you are not sure where to aim your shot then backline provides you ample space for this purpose.

Footwork practice: Footwork is the most essential part of field games like badminton and tennis as it helps in returning the shots more effectively. So you should go on practicing your footwork even while waiting to return the shuttle. You should go on moving your feet sideways and to and fro manner in small moves to keep you ready to return the shot from any position.

Use short service: Frequent short services can make your opponent unsafe as he may not return these unexpected shots. The shuttle should be hit lightly at the higher contact point to drop it on the opponent’s side close to the net.

In singles serve long shots: While playing singles, I think, you can put your opponent off the guard by serving him long shots even beyond back of the service line. Your opponent may either miss the shot or need more power to return the shot.

Always try to hit: You should never give up hitting the shuttle. If you give up the shot then the shuttle may drop in your court.

Utilize the weaknesses of your opponent

You can make your game fun also by utilizing the weaknesses of your opponent.

Understand the playing style of the opponent: Whether you are playing a competition or a friendly game, in my opinion, you should initially assess the game of your opponent. You can make badminton game fun if you know whether your opponent is playing defensive or offensive or whether he dominantly uses his backhand or forehand etc. Assessing his weaknesses will help you in enjoying the fun of your game.

Hit shots around the court: You should hit the shots in all parts of the court to keep your opponent on move around the court. You can puzzle your opponent by hitting unpredictable shots every time.

Exploit his weaknesses: Most of the badminton players are weak at their backhand shots. So if your opponent is also weak at his backhand then you should try to exploit his weakness as it will slow down his return shots.

Change shuttle’s direction: In my opinion you can have more fun from your badminton game by changing the direction of your shots every time. Instead of returning the shuttle in the same direction where your opponent is expecting it you should hit it in an unexpected direction.

Hit long and short shots simultaneously: By frequently changing your long and short shots you can make your opponent run backward and forward frequently which will not only puzzle him but also make him off the guard.

Thus I think you can make badminton game fun by following the tips discussed here above.


Robert Gombos

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