Technology has changed the way we do things. We can now get any service or product we want online, or perform research to help us shop better. You no longer have to wait in long queues to buy clothes, accessories, appliances, and other items, online shopping makes it easier and convenient to shop at the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks of the button

There are many shopping websites from all over the world to make shopping easier, listed below are the top 10 most reputable and popular shopping websites

1. Amazon – Amazon is the largest and most popular online shopping portal in the world. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 Amazon and has its headquarters in Washington, USA. Amazon was initially a bookstore but diversified to offer electronics, clothing, appliances, you can basically get anything you need including old currencies, antiques, portraits etc. Amazon offers seamless online shopping, secure payment methods, fast delivery, quick checkout, great discounts, and an extensive variety of items to choose from at great prices.

2. Alibaba – Based in China, is considered among the biggest online shopping website with millions of users and billions of products to choose from. Alibaba hosts millions of businesses and merchants. Founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, Alibaba offers convenience online shopping, thousands of merchants and secure payment options. You can shop online and sell old stuff. You can shop for appliances, clothing, accessories, and anything else you could think of.

3. EBay – Founded in 1995, EBay is a popular online shopping portal that is based in California. EBay is an online market place where buyers and sellers come together to trade. The website uses an online electronic platform to help buyers and sellers transact millions of deals per day. Buyers make bids for items over a specific period; the seller then considers all the bid before accepting one. Payment is normally via Paypal. There are millions of items on EBay that a user can bid and purchase at any time

4. WalMart – WalMart is American international retailer that makes it possible for buyers to shop and save money. WalMart offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. The website has over 45 million of visitors every month, looking for products to buy at discounted prices. WalMart .com is mobile device friendly meaning that users can use their mobile devices such as phones and tablets to purchase products. The website also offers various shipping options and secure online payments. You can shop for clothing, electronics, food items among others

5. Bestbuy – Bestbuy was initially founded in 1996 as an audio speciality store by Richard M Schulze, in 1983 the corporation was rebranded to offer consumer products. The website offers various retailer and technology products and services with over 1.5 billion of visitors to the website every year. The website offers laptops, entertainment software, consumer electronics, and other items at affordable prices. In case of any queries, Bestbuy has a 24-hour helpdesk to answer any questions or offer related advice.

6. Target- Target’s mission is to be the preferred shopping destination for people around the world. Target is probably the oldest shopping website in the world. The company was founded in 1902, as a discount retailer. Target online portal offers clothing, home decor and appliance, electronics, beauty products, entertainment products among others. You can shop online securely and conveniently.

7. Etsy – Etsy is a shopping website that focuses on vintage or handmade supplies and items as well as unique manufactured items such as jewellery, toys and beauty products. The website was launched in 2011 to help people buy and sell vintage items. If you want vintage or hand made products such as portraits, shoes, clothing, jewellery, photographs among others, etsy is your to go to site. Etsy offers a secure online payment and shipping system to ensure smooth transactions

8. Modcloth – As the name suggests, Modcloth is an online shopping portal that offers a variety of vintage inspired clothing, decor and accessories. The website was launched in 2002, by Susan and Eric Kroger. The website offers vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can shop for uniquely designed vintage clothing and accessories.

9. Kohls – Kohls is another popular and highly regarded shopping website that offers kid’s clothing, electronics, toys, health and beauty products, sporting products and accessories among others. Kohls offers great discounts, variety of products, secure payment methods and secure shipping of items. You can shop anytime, anywhere using their secure online portal and payment methods

10. Sears – Sears is an online market place that brings buyers and sellers together. The shopping website collaborates with thousands of merchants and sellers to offer unique and affordable products. The website provides beddings, clothing, beauty products, appliances, footwear, school, and office supplies among others. Like any other shopping website, you are required to open an account to buy or sell products. The online portal offers many amazing features to make transactions easier such as reports, secure payment methods, shipping etc

Shopping safely online

Mentioned above are the top most reputable and popular shopping websites where you can sell or buy products at great prices. Online shopping helps people from all over the world find products or services they need. Like any other deal that involves the exchange of money, there are bound to be fraudsters waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Listed below are top five tips to ensure a smooth, safe, and secure shopping experience.

1. Do your homework – Do your research on the seller, buyer or online shopping portal before you commit. Find about the retailers reputation, contact details, location and identity to ensure a safe and smooth transaction

2. Double check purchase details before confirming payment to ensure that everything is in order. 

3. Look out for fraudsters – Know how to spot red flags. Fraudsters ask for private information, have no contact details, and are dodgy.

4. Choose reputable website – There are thousands of shopping websites online. Always choose popular reputable like Amazon, EBay and others as listed above

5. Trust your instincts – Always trust your gut when shopping online, for instance if you suspect that a seller may be a fraudster chances are that he/she is. A seller may ask you for personal information such as bank account details and other sensitive details, know how to differentiate between trustworthy and dishonest buyers and sellers.

There are many shopping websites you can buy quality products at great prices. Listed above are among the top most recognizable and reputable sites you can shop for quality and unique products at great prices.


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