2013 was the year that saw Montreal set up the foundations for one of the city’s proudest products yet. The fact that their pride and joy, the Montreal Canadiens, were major influences in the project makes it a hugely welcome investment in the area.

Tour Des Canadiens 2 is more than just a skyline addition to Canada. It is a condominium skyscraper complex that will cater to the sporting needs of a world famous sports tourist favorite. Winter sports have been the staple for Canada but with this world class facility, Quebec will surely have visitors all year round.

The imagination has been piqued with a ten story podium with full glass façade one of the centerpiece attractions. The presence of rooftop entertainment in form of DJs and tanning sections make this a sure hit with the tourists and locals searching for some sun.


The alfresco dining experience is on full exhibition with grilling and concierge service around the clock bringing a classy and exquisite feel out of the 550 strong condominium complex. The exotic rain spa is sure to attract plenty of folks with ceiling to floor windows showcasing the entire beauty of the structure to the city and providing a surreal view of Montreal.

Tour des Canadiens Phase 2 project opens in 2016 and instead of waiting a year, simply visit the website to have a sneak preview of this world class complex.


Robert Gombos

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